Thursday, October 25, 2007

Randomness (if that's a word )

Today's chuckle brought to you by "Rhymes with Orange " by Hilary Price . I think she's got the right idea !

Life is still crazy here , but I 've decided to take a little " me" time this morning . The housework and all the other obligations can take a back seat for a couple of hours while I try to catch up on the blogs and snag some knitting time. I've started another pair of Monkey socks , since it's such an easy pattern to remember and won' t tax my tired brain .

Today the sun is shining and the temps are more seasonable . Most of the leaves are off the trees . Last evening we had the most spectacular sunset and evening sky .
Max and Stef came by last night with a new addition to their household . Since they've moved into the house they've been looking at the SPCA for a buddy for Alaska . They've found a little puppy yesterday , about 3 months old . He's cute as can be , but then aren't all puppies . He's a mixed breed , but looks to be part German Shepherd . All I know is he'll be one big dog when he's grown . They don't have a history as apparently he was found abandoned . He's calm and listens well and the SPCA feel that he will be a good companion for Alaska who so far has given his seal of approval . I'll post a pic when he stands still long enough for me to take one .


lexa said...

I soooo need to make my Monkeys! I have Cherry Tree Hill that I bought last Christmas (gift for me!, well actually five skeins...) to make a pair.

Beautiful sky! We've had really great weather here. It's been 20C and higher, but today is kinda chilly, and according to the forecast it's going to get worse. Time to knit mittens!

Mathgirl said...

What beautiful Monkey socks. I rarely meet a Monkey I don't like :) I'm enjoying going to university in the morning in the gorgeous sun rises as once the clocks change there will be none of that for a long time... *sigh*

sherriknits said...

Your sky is so beautiful! Must be the day for sky pics.

I haven't done monkeys yet but sure want to.

Monika said...

I haven't made the Monkeys yet, but my daughter has, and I like them. I like the yarn you use for yours as well. What a wonderful picture of the sky! Keep trying to get pics of the new pup! ;o)