Monday, October 29, 2007

An emotional week-end

Well I survived the week-end ! It was exhausting but fun . The wedding shower went very well . Casey and Chantal had no idea and were totally surprised . They received a set of very nice luggage which will obviously be put to good use quite soon . There's also a bit of cash which I'm sure will come in handy one way or another . Chantal has a large family and it was nice to get to meet more of them . We had more than enough food so we divided up the leftovers with friends and family . Al in all , a success.

My dad left Saturday evening . I found it to be a more emotional goodbye this time. My father can be a difficult person sometimes and we don't always get along .This visit he was more accommodating and understanding . I guess age is mellowing both of us somewhat.

Yesterday afternoon I paid a quick visit to Max & Stef 's to try and take some pics of the new puppy , Zeus . I'm not crazy about the name but I just love this little guy already . Alaska can't quite figure out what the fuss is all about ... he's cute but if you want handsome , here I am !

Finally got some knitting done . I'll have some pictures for the next post .


lexa said...

Awww, what a cute new puppy! Remember the terrible accident last month or so when our good friends' dog died (that I still feel responsible for mostly) -- they got a new puppy over the weekend. I've only seen pictures so far. I think she's 14 weeks old, and her name is Trixie. I think she's just a mixed breed, but she's really cute!

Dipsy Doodle said...

Awww, these beautiful doggies! Alaska is such a beauty, and little Zeus must be one of the cutest puppies I've seen for long! Would love to cuddle them both!
I'm glad that the wedding shower went so well too! And as for your relationship with your Dad, I can very well understand what you meant, having had a very similar relationship with my Dad too. We've never gotten along through my childhood and teenie years, and when I moved to Innsbruck in my twenties, we didn't care for each other anymore. No contact, no nothing. Just in the past, like, 2 years, we got closer and closer - I can't for the life of me say how it all started, it just was there one day. I wouldn't call it deep love, but there's certainly a big amount of respect between us now, good understanding and - friendship I would say. As I said, there was no real reason for that, it just happened - and I'm sure that it's as you said, getting older mellows a lot of people and perhaps puts things into perspective again. I think what you're experiencing now with your Dad is something very important and something you should hold on to without any regrets of what's happened before. It's the today that counts, you know?
All the very best to you and your family - and to those beautiful doggies too of course!

Monika said...

Puppies always me say "Aaaaaaaaw", so cute! I can take my parents in small doses only. Glad it was easier this time for you. ;o)