Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Going to the Dogs...

Literally . Some days I think I should open up a doggie daycare and at least get some wool money for taking care of all the dogs in my life. Most of whom don't belong to me , but that's what moms do . Max's new puppy is recovering very well from his bout with kennel cough. Unfortunately , Alaska , and now Bingo are each taking their turns with it . I spent the better part of last week going over to Max's and dosing Zeus , which proved to be quite the challenge . Smart dog found more ways to fool me into thinking he'd taken his meds and then spitting out the pills as soon as my back was turned . Couldn't even fool him with putting the pills in various disguises ( treats) . Alaska and Bingo are not as sick as the little guy was but I'll be glad when they're back to being healthy .

Knitting continues . Thank god otherwise I think I'd really lose it . I've done the 10 repeats on the Japanese Feather stole , but I think I'll do a couple more as it seem to be a little on the short side . I'm also still working on the Monkey socks as well as a Christmas gift for Chantal . I'll take some photos when the ends are all sewn in . I tend to put that off till the last minute .

On Friday I received a very nice package containing this terrific box bag bag . I ordered this from Catherine's etsy shop zigzagstitches . It's such a great bag , the perfect size for a sock in progress . Because this was her 100th sale she was kind enough to add a needle case which also fits in the bag . Totally unexpected , but very much appreciated . Go visit .


Monika said...

That's too bad that all your doggies got the kennel caugh. I hope all will be well soon.
The bag is adorable, and such a nice surprise! Enjoy! :o)

Dipsy Doodle said...

I'm so sorry to hear that the dogs have been sick - I hope by now everything is much, much better with them, so that you could get some well needed rest too ;)
I absolutely adore the bag you got, it looks fantastic - what a wonderful surprise!