Friday, November 30, 2007


Well I've gone from random to scattered ! Is that progress ? On some fronts life is just rolling right along in a good way . Other aspects not so much . Preparations for Casey and Chantal's wedding are going along well . Christmas shopping is mostly all done . I've decided to cut back on all the usual Christmas baking . I'll still do some but mostly to give as gifts. On the not so much side , my friend Marie's health is really deteriorating and I'm really worried that something might happen to her while we're away . I might not worry as much if her morale were better, but she's going through a rough patch right now . The holidays are always difficult for seniors living alone but this year seems to be worse for her . I've made arrangements for someone to check in on her while we're gone and get her meals and groceries etc. organized , but I still worry . Keeping fingers crossed !

Oh boy does it feel cold this morning ! It seems like we've jumped from an exceptionally nice autumn directly to winter . We've had a bit of snow off and on since last week and there's more to come this week-end. It makes for treacherous walks with the pooches , especially Alaska and Zeus as they tend to walk me rather than the other way around . They're all back to good health , thank god , because getting them to take the meds was a challenge . Zeus is growing so fast , I'm wondering how big he'll be when he's full grown . Quite the size I think as he's got humongous paws. He's just one big ball of energy ; sometimes I think Alaska wishes Max would bring him back to the SPCA because he never gets tired of goofing around .
Knitting progress is on the not so much side of the balance sheet . I am knitting just not finishing . I ripped out 2 WIPs and will re-knit hopefully to get them done before Christmas . One was the Calorimetry and mittens to match. I wasn't happy with either so rip , rip , rip . The very good knit is the scarf for the Ravelry scarf exchange . Done and blocked and being sent this week-end - just in the nick of time! I have another scarf on the needles and the poor Monkey socks , which seem destined to just languish in my knitting basket. So much for the sock a month KAL . My stole is just this much from being finished . I still have almost a month before it really has to come off the needles . I live in hope !

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