Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dogs R Us

Chantal's back to teaching after being off for @ 6 weeks awaiting the test results to determine whether she has the antibodies for the Fifth Disease . This is a viral infection that can be fatal for the fetus in pregnant women . Fortunately she's been given the all clear. That means I'll be dog sitting Maggie and Gizmo when Chantal has longer days or can't get back home to let them out at lunch . God help me ! I love them all , but 3 dogs are quite a challenge. Maggie is 4 months old now and has lots of energy to spare. She's tripled in size since they got her and Bingo and Gizmo are learning to cope with this great BIG baby. They do both hold their own with her and Maggie knows her place in the pecking order .

During Saturday's Earth Hour I worked on the baby cardigan . I finished it on Sunday evening , but still have to give it a soak and blocking . I'll try and find some cute buttons to finish it off some time this week. Taking a break from baby sweater knitting , I've moved on to baby socks . As for the Monkey socks they're still in the rotation , hopefully I'll get them off the needles this week.

Well, I'd better get going . The pooches are getting restless , so a walk is in order . Who runs who in this house I wonder? Knitting continues .... sometime .


lexa said...

The puppy is so CUTE!

So glad she got the all clear on the Fifth Disease. My cousin lost her first baby to that when she was five months pregnant. Poor thing had to wait almost a week with the dead baby inside her before they took her in to be induced. It was a boy. She got pregnant again shortly after and had her boy four days after I had my first boy. She's since had another boy born about a month after my second boy.

The baby cardi and socks are cute. You'll have so much fun making baby things! :)

Donna said...

What a gorgeous puppy!

Glad all is well with your new grandbaby to be! Lots of fun knitting kids things and they knit up nice and fast.

Monika said...

The puppy is certainly cute, but the baby socks trump that! I like the baby cardi too. Hope you'll find nice buttons for it.