Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Signs of Spring !

Yay ! My Irises are peeking up through the earth . Okay they're near the house in the little bit of our yard that is snow free , but it's a start . It's considerably warmer and sunnier , even allowing me to hang up the laundry on the clothesline yesterday . I'll take it !

Living in a household of men (even the pets are males ) you kind of get the hockey bug by osmosis . Our Habs finally made it to the post season after quite a dry spell . They finished first in the eastern Conference , another YAY ! If they continue to do well in the Playoffs , it augurs well for a lot of knitting getting done .

Not so much a Yay , but a sure sign of spring ... Income Tax time . This year there'll be a little refund coming our way , for a change . Wonder what I should spend it on ....

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lexa said...

The weather has been really nice here, too. Been doing some yard work and taking the kids outside.

Hubby is glad that his team, the Calgary Flames, have made it to the play offs. (At least for now!)