Monday, April 28, 2008

Checking in

and a quick update . Thank you for your kind words and thoughts and prayers for Marie . She's still in the hospital in a regular room now and scheduled to go home sometime this week. She's definitely feeling better, but still frail . Her family doctor is on duty at the hospital this week and has taken over her file. We're trying to arrange homecare for her but the wheels of the bureaucracy move ever so slowly. I've been spending most of my days either at the hospital or trying to arrange things at home. I'm not sure this is the best thing for Marie, but it's what she wants . She feels that she can cope just a little longer, and is hoping to be able to spend the summer at home.

I'm trying to keep the smile , but some days it's difficult . Today I'm counting my blessings and focusing on the positive . We've had the most gorgeous weather in the last two weeks , more like summer than spring.

We had to buy a new BBQ as our old one just gave up the ghost . I love the new one , it has a teflon grill on the sideburner that is super for bacon and eggs , even pancakes . Witness the sunnyside-up eggs he whipped up yesterday morning - the bacon was done earlier . It feels like we're camping again . Gotta love a man who gets up and makes breakdast on a Sunday morning .

Mike and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago . We had a super dinner with the family at Casey and Chantal's house , followed by watching the hockey playoffs . Go Habs Go !

Needless to say there's not much knitting going on around here , but I couldn't resist knitting up this little guy . My first ever knitted toy ! The pattern is by Barbara Prime , her etsy store is called Fuzzy Mitten . She sells the most adorable patterns for knitted toys , the bonus for me is that she's Montreal designer . It's great to support some local talent. The enabler for this was Monika and her March bunnies . It might be my first knitted toy , but surely won't be the last . I've purchased Barbara's book , so many cute patterns .... where to start ?


lexa said...

Glad that your friend is feeling better. Hope the home support works out fast -- it would be so much better to be home than stuck in a hospital!

It was gorgeous here today so I bbq'ed hamburgers. Made extra so I could freeze them for hubby to take on the road next week. We need a new bbq for home. We take the one we have now to the camper for the summer. The ignition is gone, so you have to light it with a bbq lighter. I don't like that cuz propane has always made me nervous.

Love the teddy! I have never knit a toy before, but I really want to make Sheldon from Knitty. Two of my local knitting pals have each made one.

Monika said...

Still thinking of Marie, and wishing her the best!
Those eggs look very inviting! Wasn't it hot though? And now, back to cold weather, and woolen socks on the feet!
The Teddy Bear is adorable! I've bought a bear pattern from her as well, but have not knit it yet. Sigh, so much I want to do...
All the best!