Wednesday, October 22, 2008

# 101

I'm too tired to think of a proper title for this post so have resorted to just a number.

I haven't been able to blog for much of this month . If you've read this blog in the past you will know that I've been the caregiver for an elderly friend Marie . She was hospitalized over 4 weeks ago and despite all odds is still fighting the good fight . She will however be unable to go back home . Her health is so fragile that she really can't take care of her most basic needs and requires more help than I can give her. Yesterday after much agonizing , a lot of tears on both our parts , she signed the request to go to a nursing home . In the meantime she'll stay at the hospital . This is kind of a good news / bad news situation . She's a uni lingual anglophone patient in a hospital with some staff that cannot always communicate with her as their English language skills are minimal . This has contributed to a feeling of isolation and along with her other health issues is having a terrible effect on her morale. I visit just about every day for a few hours , but really it hasn't helped much , in the end she's alone . I've spoken to the doctors and the social worker and they have done their level best to help her but for the moment she's stuck where she is . I'm getting worn out with the worry and sadness of her situation , which really is the least of it . In the next few weeks I'll be responsible for the dismantling of her life as I pack up her apartment and try to organize what she'll need for the nursing home . The only comfort is that medically she's getting the care she needs . By the way she's still knitting socks !

On a happier note baby Jessey is thriving . He's the happiest, most contented baby, he eats , sleeps and poops . Chantal is nursing him and really enjoys it and has no problems doing it . Lucky baby ! The whole gang is coming for dinner tonight as my father is leaving for Austria on Saturday .Today was the only day we could all get together . The last six weeks have been a blur , with so much going on .


Donna M said...

Sorry about your friend Marie. These things are so hard to do, but they must be done and she is lucky to have a friend like you!
Good luck with your dinner tonight!
The little one is pretty darn cute!

lexa said...

Too bad about your friend, but it will be for the best, that's for sure.