Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WIP Wednesday

It snowed overnight and was so cold and windy this morning making it very easy to put off starting the day . I've enjoyed a second cup of tea and even knit a little on some new socks on the needles . These are the take -a-long to the hospital project . I'm trying to work through some of the sock yarn stash and do some Christmas knitting .

I usually set myself a few goals for knitted gifts for family and friends , but this year I plan to just go with the flow . Knitting time is at a premium and I don't need to give myself more stress with deadlines and unmet expectations . This is supposed to be fun after all , and that hat or socks or scarf can be knit and gifted anytime .

Well , I'm off to walk the Bingster , brrrr......


lexa said...

Snow! Yee-uck! I hope it doesn't come our way for some time yet. Not a fan. Hubs was in northern New Brunswick the other day, and it was snowing. He had snow tires put on in the back Monday. He's headed to Montreal tonight, so he figured it's better to be safe than sorry.

Donna M said...

Yes, snow. My daughter in Ottawa had snow as well. Feel free to keep it up there for a while longer.

Pretty socks!