Friday, June 12, 2009


It seems like a week just zips by around here . One minute it's Monday and blink , it's Friday . Not that I lead such an eventful life , pretty ordinary actually, but the days are always full with one thing or another. Summer is slowly showing it's face , the temps are just a tiny bit warmer and the sun came out again today . Yippee !

There's not much knitting progress . I'm working on both Ishbel and the toe up socks in rotation . Ishbel is stalled right at the moment though . I'm having some trouble with the 2nd repeat of chart A , can't find my mistake , tinked it , knit it again , same thing , tinked again . So it's on hold till I'm clear minded enough to figure out what's wrong . Could be awhile ;-)) .

The socks are coming along swimmingly . I'm still ambivalent about the toe up process . Ditto for knitting on 2 circulars . The next challenge on these will be the bind off . Coming up soon , I'm further along than the photo shows .

Thanks to Monika sharing her tempting recipe for apricot cake I did some baking today . I sampled some with a cuppa tea , while it was still warm . Ohhhh, so good ! I just love apricots , fresh , dried , in a jam , in a cake , doesn't matter , they're my absolute favourite fruit ! I don't think the cake will last the weekend , between Mike and his sweet tooth and my love of apricots .

Anyway, off to have another cuppa and maybe knit outside for a bit , before I have to think about what's for supper . Apricot cake can be a meal , right ?

Have a good weekend !


Monika said...

I totally agree, apricot cake can be a meal, or cherry cake for that matter...
I just asked my son, why cakes in our house don't get to see a second day.

I like your socks BTW.

lexa said...

The apricot cake looks de-lish!! The socks look wonderful, too.

Donna M said...

Love your toe up socks! They are looking good!

I'll have to check out this Ishmel pattern.

Strickmuse said...

The socks look great. I have not tried a toe-up pattern yet, so used to knitting top down and also prefer the 5 needles. The two circulars seem to be whipping around all the time.