Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A title escapes me , so ...

Is it really June already ? There's nothing really exciting going on , just the usual mundane day to day stuff . Still waiting for summer to arrive , hope it gets here before September .

We had a special event on Saturday morning . Max finally had his confirmation , only about 15 years overdue . The ceremony was held at Mary Queen of the World Cathedral in downtown Montreal . Casey was his sponsor . Did I ever mention how proud I am of my sons ? I'm so lucky to have them and I'm so happy to see close they are . Any way enough of that mushy stuff .

Afterwards we enjoyed a very good lunch at one of the downtown restos . We did take photos but unfortunately none are really blogworthy . Mike has a new camera and he's still trying to get the hang of it . It was just a great day , the sun actually came out so we could enjoy walking around downtown . I seldom seem to get there these days , what with parking and all , but I just love to wander around explore . This was Jessey's first excursion and he was good as gold . He was looking at everything and chattering away . He was just as happy as a clam .

Yesterday I cast on another pair of socks. I've been so wanting to learn how to knit socks from the toe up . After reading all the great reviews of this book I gave in to temptation and bought it on my last visit to Chapters . I joined the KAL on ravelry too . I may not follow the schedule in exactly that particular order , or I may just knit a few of the socks . Time will tell . Right now it feels strange to see these socks in progress the "wrong " way around .

Have to get going , I have a hairdressers appointment and then need to get groceries . Such fun !


Monika said...

I've read that Wendy's book is right up there with Cookie A.'s book in popularity. It's fun to be able to do socks both ways, depending on your mood. :o)

Donna M said...

I bought the book too and am just waiting to start a pair of the toe up socks. Maybe I will join the KAL as well. That's all I need. Another sock KAL!!