Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I can't believe it's almost a week since I last posted . Those lazy, hazy days of summer , might have been hazy this year , but definitely not lazy . I'm still working at the fence painting and a seemingly never-ending battle with the weeds in the flower beds. The goal was to have the fence done by Labour day week-end and I'm about 3/4 done , so the end is in sight .

Mike is back from his fishing trip , about 15lbs lighter. Apparently having to catch your dinner is a guaranteed weight loss method . Maybe I should write a book and contact the media .

While not much knitting has been done lately , my purchasing skills haven't diminished due to fatigue . Witness the yarn purchases - a Fleece Artist Celtic Vest kit and some Colinette Cadenza yarn that that will eventually become a scarf . I've had my eye on the Celtic vest for a while , but after seeing a couple of in progress/ finished ones on Ravelry , I succumbed to temptation . Now if I could just get some WIP off the needles I wouldn't feel so guilty . I'm supposed to be simplifying / downsizing - whatever .

The big news this week however is .... Max and Stefanie are buying a house ! The funny thing is that he and Casey will be neighbours of sorts , three houses down the street . I find it hilarious , considering how much they used to fight when they were kids , that they'll be living that close to each other. Max is planning a painting week-end after the closing . Here I'd thought that my house building , renovation week-ends were over -lol ! It's kind of bittersweet - I'm happy for them , but I'll have an empty nest . What will I do with all that spare time and an extra bedroom and less clutter ? KNIT !

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Monika said...

I like the Celtic Vest too, you are lucky to have it. I'm glad I still have my son at home. It's nice for brothers to live so close.