Monday, August 20, 2007

August socks

The summer of socks is nearly over and I haven't been nearly as productive as I'd hoped . The latest socks off the needles are Cookie's Monkey socks . I was really late to jump on the bandwagon , but after knitting these I can see why the pattern is so popular . The yarn is Trekking XXL , colour 159 . Knit using 2,0mm needles. I was a little disappointed in this colourway as looking at the ball I'd expected a little less striping and more of a random variegated . I feel that it detracts somewhat from the lace pattern . Other than that I'm quite happy with the socks. I learned something new while knitting this . In the instructions for the gusset you knit the picked up stitches into the back loop . I'd never done that but love how tidy it makes your heel . You learn something new all the time !

Currently on the needles are a pair of socks for DH . He 's somewhat hand knit sock deprived and I have to remedy that situation with Fall just around the corner . I've also made some progress with the Japanese Feather Stole. I've completed 8 of 10 repeats so far . There's really no hurry as I only need to have it completed by December .


sherriknits said...

hi! I saw your comment on Dipsy's blog and had to come visit you. I had a bit of a problem following your link but made it eventually by searching for you. Love your socks! I'll be back to visit!

Dipsy Doodle said...

Your Monkeys look absolutely beautiful! And, this goes to show that we knitters never stop learning, there's something new with each and every pattern, isn't it? Your stole is coming along so beautifully too - it's going to look so elegant and delicate!

lexa said...

Your Monkeys are gorgeous! I have some Cherry Tree Hill that I've had since just before last Christmas to make a pair. I'll have to get to them really soon.