Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Random Wednesday

We've had such energy sucking hot and humid weather here for the last few days . It's much too sticky to work with yarn but I did finish the Baby Backward Ribs finally , so the decks are cleared for the SOS 08 . It figures that as soon as I join some kind of KAL , knitting time comes at a premium . Two and a half weeks into SOS and I haven't finished one pair yet . Oh well , it's the process , right ...

When the weather gets like this I really don't feel like doing much besides sitting by the pool and reading . I just finished a book from the library by Khalid Hosseini titled " A Thousand Splendid Suns " . The setting is Afghanistan and chronicles the lives of two women Mariam and Laila . It is a very timely and thought provoking book . It moved me to tears in places . I don't know if it accurately portrays the lives of women there , but I assume it does because the author is originally from Afghanistan . I highly recommend it ; it's a book that will enlighten and entertain you . For a change of pace next up on reading list is "The Friday Night Knitting Club " by Kate Jacobs .

Last Saturday we had friends over for a BBQ . One of the quests was this little cutie and her mom . She was quite taken with Bingo , but he wasn't really sure what to make of this pint-sized bundle of energy . Emma is going to be the flower girl at Max and Stef 's wedding next year . She talks a mile -a -minute and has oodles of charm . She's my best friends' grand daughter and I just love her to pieces . I hope I get to have a grand daughter as sweet as her some day .


Donna said...

We've had the same heat down here. Thank heavens the fog rolled in last evening and cooled things down.

I read the Friday Night Knitting Club and it is a lovely light read. Much different from your last book. You'll enjoy it I'm sure!

Good luck with the socks!

sherriknits said...

I love those socks!

I agree, she's a cutie. Whether we get a girl or a boy this time, I don't care, I'm just so excited for it no matter what!

lexa said...

Love the socks, what a gorgeous color! It's been so darned hot here lately that it makes it hard to knit. My house is like an oven, and I don't have an air coniditioner. Last evening it was 27C in here. It was cooler outside. We need rain in the worst way. No sign of any in the near future. They actually put a ban on open fires across Nova Scotia yesterday that is expected to last til mid-September unless we get a significant amount of rain. No campfires for awhile. I guess it's a good thing I ran out of firewood at the camper. We're going this weekend, and by the looks of the forecast most of the time will be spent in the pool. Hot and sunny all weekend.

Monika said...

Nice socks! I've read the "Friday Night Knitting Club". It's too hot for me too. I've read a lot lately, not much knitting going on. I'm winding yarn, start something, and rip it out again.