Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This and that

Saturday's engagement party was almost rained out. We did get a downpour but it did let up long enough to get the BBQ s rockin' and rollin' . After that no one seemed to mind the odd rain drop that fell . Max and Stef were so happy and touched by all the friends and family who came to help them celebrate this with them .

For those wondering about Max's injury , he's healing well . He still has bandages on two of the most severely injured fingers but it looks like everything will be fine ; he may have a little difficulty opening and closing his third finger initially, but time will take care of that . As I said in the last post he was so very lucky it wasn't worse .

The home renovations are coming along well ,the painting is done and now the fun begins . Mike is removing the old flooring and the marble in the entrance . Removing the parquet flooring hasn't been as difficult as we'd expected , so then it's just wait a couple of days till Max can help Mike with the tiling and installing the new hardwood . This isn't something I can help with except for the clean-up . At this point the whole house is topsy turvy despite the fact that we're technically only re-doing the living room flooring , entrance and painting the upstairs hallway . It'll take me at least a week after it all before this house reaches any semblance of normalcy . The only thing that's keeping me sane is the thought of how nice it will all look once this is over .

That and a bit of knitting here and there . Here's one of the Spring Forward socks done . I just love the curviness along the sides . Of course Bingo had to get on on the photo shoot . He's never far away from me , the little mutt !


Donna M said...

Glad to hear your reno is coming along nicely and that Max is healing up well.
Love your sock!

lexa said...

So glad that Max is healing well. Also glad to hear that the renovations are coming along nicely!

Love your Spring Forward. I want to make these socks but don't have any yarn in the stash I want to use for it. (I want a solid or mostly-solid yarn.) That gives me an excuse to buy more, eh? LOL!

Monika said...

The Spring forward socks are lovely. You choose a nice color as well. I hate renovating, it always takes longer then astimated, and costs even more. :o)