Monday, July 7, 2008

Still here

No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth or been abducted by aliens . Still here , still chugging along, barely knitting , not blogging . Remember that last post where I mentioned my plans to relax and knit , well life and/or family had other plans . Casey and Chantal were putting in their lawn and fencing their property last week . As per usual that quickly became a family project . I helped just enough to discover new muscles in my body that I never knew I had . Raking and levelling earth can qualify as an aerobic exercise , trust me. Anyway it looks great and everyone is happy, especially Gizmo , she won't have to play in the dirt , she'll have a nice cushy lawn.

Aside from all that , the stupidest/ funniest moment of my week happened last Friday morning . In setting up this scenario , I have to tell you that I have a favourite purse, not an expensive or particularly glamorous one , just a nice little Roots canvas purse. This bag fits all my needs , not too big not to small , not too many pockets , perfect. I spilled a little coffee on it on Thursday , so early Friday morning I thought it would be a good idea to throw it in with the laundry . I double checked to make sure that I took everything out and put it in the wash . Imagine my surprise when emptying the washer to come across my cell phone . Yup , I washed my cell phone ! I'll tell you that laughter was not my first reaction. I've discovered a whole new range of cuss words , the air was blue . You see ,one of the reasons I like that purse was the handy little side pocket for easy access to your cell phone . Emptied the whole purse and never checked the side pocket, DUH ! Everyone in the family thinks this is hilarious , except for me , I'll probably never live it down . You should have seen the fellow at the store , could barely contain his laughter and mentioned umpteen times about not getting the phone wet and not being covered for water damage in the contract . After a little cooling off period I'm taking it in stride , this was a very expensive piece of stupidity , the only excuse being it was early and I obviously was not awake . That's my story and I'm sticking to it ...


Donna said...

Well that made my day! I am still chuckling and thinking that the day I lost my in the Walmart parking lot pales by comparison!
Not a morning person, right?
You go girl!

lexa said...

We sell cell phones where I work, and there are a lot of instances of water damage that come about in strange ways! (Here water damage is a minimum $60+tax to fix.) Lots of fishing accidents and several trips through the washer, too.

The funniest one I heard was from a guy I went to school with. He lied and said something else happened to it, but I heard from a trusted source that said friend got a little on the tipsy side and dropped it accidentally in the toilet at a party. :)