Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby it's cold outside

Weather wise , we're in the deep freeze . Yesterday was really brutal with the winds just making it intolerable to be outside for very long. So what's a girl to do ? Stay in and knit , of course ! My socks for Mallory were finished yesterday while watching episodes of season one of CSI . I'm late to the dance as far as that show is concerned, but am having a blast catching up .

The pattern is my fall back , plain vanilla garter rib socks . The yarn is from Regia Kaffe Fasset design line . I just love this colourway . It will be a test of my fortitude to give these socks away , but a promise is a promise . The baby blanket is progressing , shouldn't be much longer till it's off the needles .

We were busy over the last week with a birthday celebration for friend and then the family came over on Sunday for a turkey dinner . I usually do this in January because it's hard to get them together during the holidays , besides Mike was just dying to get some turkey with all the trimmings . The great thing is leftovers,which means that I have a respite from cooking meals for day or two.

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to babysit Jessey . It will be a regular thing for the next little while as Chantal will be taking dance classes on Tuesday mornings . It gives her a break and I get to spend some time with Jessey . Happy , happy Omi ! I love those cheeks !


lexa said...

Love the socks! Just look at how pinchable those cheeks are (not hard, though).

It's really cold here as well for us. My truck reads -13C today, and with the wind chill they say -33C. Tomorrow is supposed to be the worst, not really going to warm up any til Monday. I'm getting oil delivered today.

Monika said...

The socks are lovely and your little Jesse is adorable! Nice to have such a young Omi to play with! :o)

Donna M said...

What a handsome little fellow!

The cold is bad here, but I understand it is much colder where you are! I have a DD in Ottawa and get regular weather updates!