Friday, January 23, 2009

Life Changes

I've been taking a break from the blog and the computer in general this last week . Browsing and and ravelry have become such a time suck. I read more about knitting and adding to my ravelry queue , than actually knitting . I thought that during the break I would be more productive , that's so not the case . Even with the break , the orange baby blanket is still on the needles and I've added two more WIP . The problem with the baby blanket is that I'm sure that stitches are disappearing into some kind of black hole . Every time I measure it I'm still few inches short , I just don't get it . I knit and knit and I'm stuck at the same spot . I know , I'll blame it on the tape measure , it's the only logical explanation ! I swear on a stack of bibles that it WILL be done next week , no matter what the tape measure says or you all can give me twenty lashes with a wet noodle .

This week did bring some news of a life change . Mike came home on Tuesday with an offer of a retirement package . He'll be 60 next year on Feb. 1st , just writing that number throws me for a loop , and eligible for his Quebec pension . He'd planned on working for at least one more year after that . With these economic times the company is looking to cut some costs and is starting with those employees close to retirement . I really don't think that there's a question of staying on and the package seems to be a fair one . He'll get all the numbers at the end of next week and then we'll see exactly when and if this will all happen . So I it looks like he'll be retired sometime this year . I'm thrilled , happy and terrified all at the same time . Financially it might be a tight squeeze until his pension kicks in next year .There's Max's wedding in September and some more renovations on the house that need doing . But hey , that's happened before and we survived and really as everyone keeps telling us you only live once so you might as well enjoy it . I guess that I'll be knitting from stash for a bit ; I knew there was a reason for having one ....


Anonymous said...

I am a firm believer in things happen for reasons. We just don't know what they are at the time. We find out or figure them out later. Luckily your husband is able to get a package to retire with. So many people here in the US are getting laid off with no packages and they are ready to retire and now won't have a retirement.

I bet you can make some wonderful things from your stash!

lexa said...

Dontcha hate it when you keep knitting and knitting, but you don't seem to get anywhere? That's what happens to me lately.

Hopefully times won't be too tough til the pension kicks in.

Donna M said...

Often the retirement packages that are offered are pretty enticing. Hopefully that will be the case with your husband.

I can empathize with the baby blanket. The same thing is happening with the baby sweater I am working on. I am always 2 inches short of finishing the back, no matter how much I knit!