Monday, January 26, 2009

Blankets , babies and dogs

The baby blanket blues are over ! The blanket is done , finito , fini , fertig . With the help of the Australian Open Tennis Tournament and a very nice movie on the movie network (In the Land of Women ) it was finally done yesterday afternoon . It only took me about 4 months , but at least it's done . The spiral rib pattern makes it reversible , so there's never a wrong or a right side . The finished measurement are 30" W x 40"L , perfect baby size . No wet lashes with a wet noodle are necessary.

We had the family over for Sunday dinner yesterday . Jessey is changing so much . He's very vocal , he loves to interact , and talks right back at you .The new thing is blowing raspberries , something he's learned courtesy of his dad and which drives Chantal crazy . I was carrying him for a bit and got a complimentary lense cleaning .

Max stopped by this morning with the pooches . He's been working on a project in Trois Rivieres and is away from home for 4 days a week . He had to leave a little later today so he came by for a coffee before leaving . Alaska sometimes thinks he's a lap dog , it's hilarious to see him , Mr Tough Guy .

Thank you all for the words of encouragement on my last post . My biggest concerns about Mike's retirement are as much for the adjustment for him from working to being home as for the financial repercussions . The package makes it easier for sure and really helps us to make the decision . If you wait , it could be layoffs with no monetary incentive , just unemployment . It's pretty much a no brainer . Anyway , it's all good ...


Donna M said...

The baby blanket turned out beautifully! So bright and cheerful!

lexa said...

Love the blanket! Once in awhile Jewel decides she wants to be a lap dog. It's quite the situation. She's not a really cuddly dog. She loves hugs and kisses, but she's rather being sitting beside you on the sofa than actually touching you. But Maggie, now she just loves to cuddle and usually HAS to be touching you. :)

Monika said...

Yeah - the bb is done! It's lovely. Your grandson is a cute button. This age is so much fun! LOL-dogs don't know their size. We've got a lapdog too, which weights in at about 90lbs now. :o)

You are lucky to have your husband around. It will all be good! :o)