Monday, January 5, 2009

Old & New

Wow , we're 5 days into the New Year already ! We had a beautiful , relaxing long week-end and a great slide into 2009 . It's hard to believe that already a year has gone by since we were sailing the Caribbean on our way back to Miami after Casey and Chantal's wedding . Weather conditions are certainly different this year , no beautiful blue skies and warm ocean breezes .This year it's blue skies with frigid arctic winds . Though I am thanking my lucky stars that we don't live in Saskatoon where the temperatures dipped to -41 degrees . I can't imagine a cold like that , brr !

Oh well , cold outside means a good time to get knitting inside . My hopes for this year knitting wise are to get some WIP off the needles . I don't have too many languishing in the basket , but really it's time to do a bit of housecleaning . On that score I did finish something this week-end that though technically wasn't really on MY needles , rather Marie's needles . I finished a scarf that she had started and couldn't complete before she died . It was intended for the doctor who had been taking care of her for the last few years . Today I wrapped it up and gifted it on to Dr. Maalouf .

I'm also back to working on this orange baby blanket . Jessey will be going into his crib soon , so it has to get done . So , those are the old ; the new is a pair of socks , of course . These will be a gift for Mallory. I just love this colourway and will have to see if I can get more for a pair of socks for me.


Donna M said...

Love the colour of the socks!
How nice of you to finish the scarf for your friend's doctor. I am sure it meant a lot to both of them!

lexa said...

That was very nice to finish the scarf. When my grandmother died when I was in grade 5 she had a sweater on the needles for me for Christmas. (She passed away in September.) There wasn't enough yarn, and my aunt couldn't find any more to finish it, so I never got it. :(