Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Quick little post to thank everyone for their comments and kind words on my last post . After a week of rest and taking the meds my back is on the mend . I still have a ways to go before I'm back to normal but at least there's no more  unbearable pain . I'm under strict instructions from the family about not picking up the little ones , no matter what  . The upside of this has been that Mike is picking up the slack when it comes to the housework and cooking the meals . We've had takeout more often than usual . The downside of the recovery is that sitting too long is still painful so there's not been very much knitting going on  . So walking , weather permitting , and reading are what has been keeping me sane this last week . Oddly enough , walking doesn't seem to bother me too much but , man , do I seize up if I sit for any length of time .

Knitting progress has been slow on both the socks and the stash busting shawl . I've also been itching to cast on for something new and have checking out patterns on ravelry every chance I get . I've been going through all of my yarn and trying to match up patterns and available yarns from my stash looking for inspiration . No success yet , but some definite possibilities .

This handsome guy is my ever ready walking companion .  You just have to say "Alaska , do you want ...."  and he's bouncing around ready to go .


Wanderingcatstudio said...

glad to hear you're on the mend. I'm the opposite - a Saturday of scrubbing floors and my back is kaput - and I know exactly what you mean about sitting!
I love your walking companion- I think I need one of those!

Anonymous said...

To a dog, "do you want a punch in the snout?" sounds EXACTLY like "do you want to go out?".

Always got a laugh at how excited Andy would get for that punch in the snout. ROFL

But, we never did. We always just took him out.

Love Alaska's mixed eye color.

lexa said...

I'm the same way, if I sit too long I seize up, but walking isn't so bad usually. Limbers a person up! lol Glad you're getting better.