Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter weekend

The actual holiday was yesterday but we had the family in for Easter brunch on Saturday . The kiddies made out like bandits with tons of chocolate , candy and Easter eggs , some new clothes , toys , namely a doll for Stella , tricycle for Mason and Jessey got a new DVD (Chipwrecked )  and a bubble maker . The tricycle will actually be kept here so that Mason and Stella can both use it . Our street is very quiet with not much traffic . Since all of them are here often it made sense for me to keep it here . This house is starting to look more and more like a daycare  according to Mike . It's been cool and overcast for the last couple of days , so it was an Easter egg hunt with everyone well bundled up . They all still had fun and enjoyed playing outside .

Last week we had a new fence installed . The old one was beyond repair and finally bit the dust . You can see the back section in the photo of Mason and Alaska . It's a chain link fence , so low maintenance and it should last a long time. To save a bit of cash Mike and Max tore down the old wooden one and we installed the privacy slats on three sides ourselves . We're really happy that it's done . The next big project for this year will be a new roof . Another job for Mike and sons . This will have to wait till the fall . The bank account needs replenishing ...

As for me this is what I'm up to today . I've declared it a pyjama day with lots of time for knitting , reading and tea drinking . Not a bad way to start the week !

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Anonymous said...

Your day sounds just perfect. Actually BOTH of the days sound perfect. Grandkids sure can wear you out! LOL So, a relaxing PJ day sounds about right.

Have a wonderful, knitty day!