Monday, April 30, 2012


Why is it that the weekends seem to pass by so quickly ? Even if you're retired  they just fly by . Now that Mike and I are up in the wee hours with our grandson Mason from Monday to Friday , I'm finding that I really look forward to the weekends so that I can sleep in a bit . And here it is Monday already and the last day of April to boot .

We had a fairly quiet weekend with some catching up on the yard work , shopping and Sunday brunch with the family . I have to admit that it was Mike doing most of the yard work as my back is still not 100% . I'm getting there but don't want to push it too much . The weather has been cool and rainy . Disappointing after that gorgeous weather we had in March , but c'est la vie .

We saw a couple of movies on Saturday night . We rented the last Mission Impossible , Ghost Protocol , not my choice , but it was an okay movie .If you've seen any of the previous ones you know what to expect , lots of action , predictable plot with the usual assortment of bad guys . I really got a lot of knitting done on my April socks during that one . The other ,  Moneyball with Brad Pitt , was on the movie network and it was actually better than I expected . I have to say that I enjoyed it . Yesterday we had the family in for our almost weekly Sunday brunch . I don't mind getting up early to prepare it , it's nice to have everyone together , but best of all is when they all leave because the rest of the day is mine to do with what I like . I love Sundays !

I found myself a little wind sheltered corner out in the back yard and finished off these socks yesterday . I was anxious to get them off the needles because I have some new knits in mind . I've been searching ravelry and tossing the stash trying to match up patterns and yarn . So many ideas , so much yarn and so little time ....


Anonymous said...

Cute socks!

I know EXACTLY what you mean about weekends. For us it was Thur/Fri. We had family down for a visit and the time just FLEW by and they were gone already. :-(

Then the "real" weekend --- it was yardwork, housework, carwork .... blech! Wished family was still here to prevent the days from turning into work/work/work!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Gavin often says now that he's retired he doesn't know how anyone has the time to work, LOL!

Love the blues in those socks - very summery!