Monday, April 16, 2012

A trip to the ER

Last Friday afternoon while I was playing outside with Mason , I ended up injuring my back . I was picking him up so that he could go down the slide when I felt a kind of a pop in my lower back area . It hurt like the dickens at the time but after a bit the pain was less severe . I figured a couple of Tylenol would do the trick . Saturday when I got up the pain was worse but still the Tylenol was helping along with a couple of Voltaran applications , recommended by the pharmacist. Well by Sunday the pain was intolerable . I couldn't walk , sit or stand without experiencing excruciating pain . Even lying down didn't offer any relief . It was the worst pain that I've ever felt .

 Mike wanted call an ambulance but I wanted to get washed and dressed and get there under my own steam . The 10 minute ride to the hospital was absolute torture . The triage nurse after taking my blood pressure which was sky high by then , gave me a pain killer . It took the edge off , but the pain was still unbearable . Fortunately , I didn't take too long for me be seen by a doctor . After having an x-ray, the conclusion was that I have arthritis in my back  but  that I most  probably tore a ligament or have another internal injury that can't be seen by a simple x-ray . If this pain persists I'll have to go back for an MRI . In the meantime he's put me on some major meds for pain , some muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory pills. I'm seeing my family doctor on Wednesday as it turns out and since he's affiliated with the local hospital , he'll be able to see the results online and judge for himself  about the diagnosis . Once the pills kicked in I had much less pain , but they knocked me right out .

I'm feeling better today , mostly thanks to the pills . I can't stay in any position for too long before everything starts to seize up and the pain gets worse again .Anyways we'll see how it goes after a few days rest and a course of anti-inflammatory meds . I'm really hoping that will do the trick .

All that medication has me somewhat loopy and not able to focus , but I did get some knitting done this am . I finished off one sock and started the second . I'm not very happy with the yarn as there have been 5 breaks and knots throughout the skein so far . Most of them were at the same point in the colourway , but the first one was not . Hence these will be fraternal socks because I can't be bothered trying to figure it out , I'm just going with the flow .


Anonymous said...

Oweee...hope the MRI shows it is just a strain. Back pain is the pits!

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I have a herniated disc and take all three of those meds on a regular basis. I'm still very mobile, but when it first happened I was not - I know exactly how you feel. Keep your knitting close by, it's the only thing that kept me sane!

Donna M said...

So sorry to hear about your back. Been there, done that, so I truly can empathize!

The sock looks great. Love the colours!

lexa said...

I have a bad back, too, so I know too well what you are going through! Hope you get better fast!