Monday, May 7, 2007

Family Bonding

We survived ! We had a great weekend house building . I'm probably feeling all the good vibes you get when starting something new , but I'm hoping that the next few months go as well as the past of days did. It sure is a great family bonding experience and a good way to get to know the future in-laws. I forgot my camera at Chantal's parents so I'll post a progress picture later . I'm hoping to put all the pics on CD and make a keepsake album for Casey and Chantal . I should say that I'm not helping out with actual building , but Lily (Chantal's mum) and I are responsible for the re- fueling of tout la gang . Boy can they eat !

In between meal preparation I had a chance to go over to my good friend Shirley's to celebrate her grand-daughters 2nd birthday . Emma is such a sweetie and a real smart cookie . She loved her gifts and it was a joy to see her and share part the day with them. We are a very small family , as my parents emigrated to Canada , all my relatives are in Austria . My husbands' parents are originally from New Brunswick , so he has a lot of family still there . Actually he has a lot of relatives spread throughout the US , as many of them went to the States for work years ago. We're the Quebec branch of the Canadian cousins . All this is by way of explanation , to say that Shirley is not just a good friend , but really more like a sister .

I did find a few minutes here and there to cast on and finish a child's sock for Dulaan . Quick and easy is what I'm about right now.


Monika said...

Well, as you know I'm in the same boat as you. All the family left in Austria! We owned and renovated our house in Austria, which was over a hundred years old, and of course all the family on both sides helped a lot. My mom, my mother in law and I where cooking up a storm to feed the gang, which was on many occactions around 20 people. At some points they ate 3 times a day, that was like cooking in a restaurant, but not a la carte! Thank god! It was fun, but also stressful. ;o)

Dipsy Doodle said...

How great that the house building weekend went so well - I suppose even though you all were working really hard, you've also had some quality family time together - and that's so important, isn't it?