Thursday, May 10, 2007

My week

Such an imaginative title ! It''s been very busy , Thought I'd post a few pics so that you can see what I've been up to.The first one is Emma enjoying her new sandbox . An instant hit ; we had a hard time getting her to come inside for her nap time.

This next pic shows the progress made on the house as of Sunday afternoon . They've added a second storey since then . We're hoping to get the roof trusses done and possibly even a roof by the end of this weekend . The weather has been perfect been all week . Keeping fingers crossed.

On the needles there been some knitting done for Dulaan . The brick red coloured one is the latest finish .

I've joined the Sockapalooza sock exchange this time around . My first one ! When I signed up , I really didn't give my pal too many specifics about yarn , colours , etc. I usually knit more for friends and family than my self . I thought a pic of some of my socks in the sock drawer might be a help , should my pal happen to drop by here . I hope that whoever is knitting for me just has fun . You can be sure I'll appreciate and love whatever you knit for me.
I'm hoping to get a bit of a breather next week to focus on the socks for my pal. Some yarn purchases are on the horizon and I have a few ideas in mind . I haven't posted to the knit pligg yet , but have read some of the entries , Such enthusiastic sock knitters !


Monika said...

I have a question. You knit for Dulaan. Where do you send it? Is there a place in Canada? The last time I knit for this project, I've send a box full of stuff to the US, and it was sooooo expensive!

Dipsy Doodle said...

Oh, thanks for sharing these pics! I can't believe how far you got with the house, you're a bunch of really speedy workers indeed! May I ask you all to come over to do a bit of renovation in our apartment too? ;))
I totally love your socks, what a lot of beautiful colors and patterns... I'm in sock-heaven just looking at them! Keep up the good work!