Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Building Project

The last week has been so hectic . I'm still getting over a cold ; as usual it's gone to my chest . I'm still coughing , but really the worst is over . I just need for the weather to warm up a bit. This week-end looks like I might get my wish . Sun and temps in the low 20s C ( @ 70F) . We had to have the liner on the pool changed. Thought that the company that installs them would come in May to do it , but they came on Monday to do it . We are ready for summer !

The exciting news is that Casey and Chantal (my future DIL) are finally starting to build their house . This will be a family project ; a real do it yourself. Chantal's family have experience doing this as they've all helped build at least four homes for various relatives . Guess what we'll be doing on the week-ends for the next couple of months . Should be interesting !

I haven't done very much on the knitting front . I'm stalled on the Spring Things shawl , made a mistake on row 5 of Chart B . I don't really have the patience to try and figure out where I went wrong at the moment. I did finish April's socks for the SAM3KAL . I cast on for a child's sock in worsted weight . This will count for the Magic 28 charity knitting .

I'm slowly figuring out how this blogging business works , (with some help from Casey) and enjoying myself hugely . Which just goes to show that you're never too old to learn something new .

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Dipsy Doodle said...

I'm glad to hear that your cold is a bit better by now - these spring colds are certainly the worst! All the very, very best to you!
My gosh, this house building thing will be such a lot of work - fingers crossed that everything will go the way it's planned to go!