Friday, May 11, 2007

Introducing Alaska

Introducing Alaska . Doesn't he look ever so comfortable ! Don't we know he's special and so deserves the couch ? He's the younger of our two dogs , actually he's not really ours , he's our son Max's dog . He spends his days here with me , where he can get the run of the back yard , go for walks with me and keep Bingo company . I love him to bits , so does Bingo , even though there's such a big difference in size . Bingo's a shit-zu . We kind've inherited him from my MIL . Mike had bought him for her because she was on her own and missed having company in the house. She was suffering from cancer at the time and really had a difficult time taking care of him , so I "inherited" him .He is my first ever dog and we've had him for 10 years. I think he thought he was a cat when he first came here , because he was the same size. They quickly showed him his place . No regrets on my part ; not so sure about the cats.

Ordered yarn today for my Sockapalooza pal . Step one done, now to decide what to knit . Better get going - have to make about 10lbs of potato salad for tomorrow . Get a break on Sunday for Mother's day as Chantal and the girls are doing a lunch for all the moms .


Monika said...

Wow, Alaska looks wonderful! I've never seen such a color combination. The little one is cute as a button too! ;o)

Dipsy Doodle said...

What a very, very beautiful dog Alaska is - I actually love both of them, they look so cute together! I've always wanted to have a dog really badly, but with living in an apartment I don't feel it's appropriate - I'd like to have a bigger dog, like Alaska's size, and I think it'd need a lot more space. But I'm not giving up hope right now - one day... perhaps... hopefully! Thanks for introducing Alaska to us!