Sunday, July 29, 2007

Get more sangria

Well I finally received my invitation to join Ravelry on Friday.It took just about 2 months and it was worth the wait. I've been exploring it a bit and trying to figure out all the features.It seem that it will be a useful tool to record projects , WIPs, browse for info on patterns and yarns . It's great to have so much info in one place.The only downside I can see is that it could take away from knitting time , at least in the beginning as I start to record projects and upload my photos. It's made me painfully aware of how few photos I've taken of finished knits. I seem to give away a lot of my knitting as gifts and forget to take photos. This is probably due to not having a blog till just recently . I have kept a knitting journal of sorts with notes on yarns etc , as well as who the recipients were of any given project . Ravelry is basically a high tech way of doing that with the added ability to share and communicate with other knitters .

I've been in a bit of a funk lately and can't seem to focus on anything. It seems that my get-up-and go got -up-and-went ! It's been hot and humid here this week and I don't deal well with it . It just saps all my energy . Mike has gone fishing up to James Bay (way , way the heck up in northern Quebec) which is so not my cup of tea. Too many black flies , bears and a diet of mostly fish , plus no yarn shops. With all this spare time on my hands ( no meals to prepare , less laundry) I decided that this might be a good time to paint the fence surrounding our backyard . Then comes the heat, seeing as it's July it shouldn't be a surprise , which is making me so cranky and out of sorts. So long story short , no knitting progress, half-painted fence and one very tired and cranky woman . Note to self - Get more sangria and find some shade !


Monika said...

I really had to laugh and also nod my head. I'm feeling something like that too, but don't have Sangria to sooth, and make it more bearable. Hope your fence get's done, and you feel better soon, with or without Sangria! ;o)

Terri Lynn said...

I am bumpin' in to you all over Ravelry and thought, we should really stop meeting this way!!!! You joined one (or more?) of some groups I started and I also thought, I have to check out her blog!!! Well here I am and a lovely blog it is!!!! This is just so fun meeting other somewhat like-minded person!!!! I totally agree about it taking time!