Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Off to Quebec City

Yesterday evening was just one of those simply gorgeous summer evenings . The was a slight breeze, just enough to lessen the heat and humidity and keep those nasty mosquitoes at bay . I was able to sit and knit on my Japanese feather stole and have completed the third repeat . I'm really loving this pattern , especially the curvy "ditches" in between the lace feathers . For some reason I find them really appealing along with how the pattern itself makes that wavy edge. I have other knits in progress but my hands are continually reaching for this project .

Yesterday was a busy day as I'm preparing for mini-vacation with a girlfriend . We're heading up to Quebec City tomorrow for a few days . She has family there and it's been awhile since she'd been up to see them. I'm sort of tagging along and acting as chauffeur . Quebec , especially the "old town " is so beautiful . It's so filled with history, interesting museums , great restaurants and lots of little boutiques to explore. I'm hoping the weather co-operates and that it won't be too hot and humid or rainy . It'll be a nice break from the routine , no matter the weather . I hoping to discover some yarn shops and come home with a souvenir or two . I'll be back next week , with more pics and knitting updates , because of course the knitting is coming along on the trip .

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Dipsy Doodle said...

Have a great time in Quebec City!