Monday, July 9, 2007

A wonderful weekend !

Saturday evening Casey and Chantal hosted their first dinner party in their new home. They invited all of us to a BBQ . Casey got his initiation in BBQ grilling . He did a great job with a little help from the dads looking over his shoulders, no pressure there . Chantal outdid herself and provided us with tasty appetizers and delicious main course side dishes. Her dessert however was the piece de resistance. . It was little dark chocolate cups filled with a very light mousse and topped with seasonal fruit and berries soaked in Grand Marnier. We all left with very full tummies . We were so lucky with the weather as just after we'd eaten the heavens opened up and it poured rain.

The rain finally ended late Sunday morning . Mike and I decided to take a little day trip to the nature preserve at Mont St.-Hilaire which is a mountainous little blip in the St. Lawrence river valley . It looks odd in the landscape because all around is flat farmland and good sized towns and villages . When you hike the trails you feel far away from civilization , but really you're only a hop , skip and a jump away from a major city .

This pic is of Lac Hertel which is about halfway up the hill . The second pic is a bit further up and the last one is at a lookout pretty much near the summit . You can see the towns of Otterburn Park and Mont St.-Hilaire just below . It brought back memories of our boys kayaking days . They both kayaked competitively and we spent many a weekend at regattas around Quebec . Both boys paddled numerous times in the Richelieu river which you can see in the last photo. Those were great times!
I've started another sock . You're looking at the Monkey socks by Cookie A . I'm jumping on the bandwagon with these . They're my first knit for the Summer of Socks KAL . I'm late starting , but hey ,who's keeping track . My shawl is progressing well too , I've done two and ahalf repeats so far . I'm enjoying knitting it tremendously . I still haven't cast on for MS3 , too much choice in the stash and can't decide on a colour .


Margene said...

What a beautiful place!!

Monika said...

Oh, what a wonderful view! I like all forms of water, and their surroundings. You are lucky to live there! Your new sock is lovely. What yarn are you using? And the new home owners look tired but very happy! Dessert sounds heavenly! ;o)