Monday, July 2, 2007

Stick a fork in me - we're done !

We're done ! As of today Casey and Chantal are home owners (well at least mortgage owners) . We're doing small finishing details and clean-up , but today is officially the last day at the house. Seven and half weeks from start to finish , after the lunch break , that's it that's all ! I'll post some pics later , right now the camera battery is re-charging . I could use a little re-charging myself ; plug me in to the closest lawn chair , please ,with a nice glass of sangria and re-charging will commence .

Understandably it's been very quiet on the knitting front . I did work on the sock pal socks , which were also supposed to be my June socks for the SAM3KAL . I'm at the gusset decreases on the foot , so almost done. I'm happy with the socks and really hope that my pal is too . I've never been so anxious about knitting for some one else before . I guess it's that this person is a complete unknown and a knitter , which for some reason added pressure . Anyway they're just about done and ready to go . Bring on the Monkeys !

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