Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A finished knit !

Looks like the knitting mojo is slowly returning. I actually have a finished knit to show ; actually technically 2 knits , but only one Christmas gift . This hat and scarf are intended for Max . Of my two sons he's the one who really appreciates the hand knits . This isn't a great picture of the colour , nicer in reality . I'll have to improve my picture taking skills. The scarf pattern is the Corrugator scarf . I loved it , it was just what the doctor ordered to get my knitting groove back .

Today is just the most beautiful warm and sunny day .So unusual for the end of October . I just came back from along walk with
Bingo and Alaska . Max has brought the new puppy in to see the vet at the SPCA . Little guy is coughing and sneezing quite a bit . He called to say the diagnosis is kennel cough , so he'll need a round of antibiotics . Apparently the mucus discharge is contagious , but only if the other animal has direct contact . I'm keeping my fingers crossed that none of the other dogs get sick .

Better start getting ready for the Halloween onslaught . We should have lots of kiddies tonight with such a mild night . Happy Haunting !

Monday, October 29, 2007

An emotional week-end

Well I survived the week-end ! It was exhausting but fun . The wedding shower went very well . Casey and Chantal had no idea and were totally surprised . They received a set of very nice luggage which will obviously be put to good use quite soon . There's also a bit of cash which I'm sure will come in handy one way or another . Chantal has a large family and it was nice to get to meet more of them . We had more than enough food so we divided up the leftovers with friends and family . Al in all , a success.

My dad left Saturday evening . I found it to be a more emotional goodbye this time. My father can be a difficult person sometimes and we don't always get along .This visit he was more accommodating and understanding . I guess age is mellowing both of us somewhat.

Yesterday afternoon I paid a quick visit to Max & Stef 's to try and take some pics of the new puppy , Zeus . I'm not crazy about the name but I just love this little guy already . Alaska can't quite figure out what the fuss is all about ... he's cute but if you want handsome , here I am !

Finally got some knitting done . I'll have some pictures for the next post .

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Randomness (if that's a word )

Today's chuckle brought to you by "Rhymes with Orange " by Hilary Price . I think she's got the right idea !

Life is still crazy here , but I 've decided to take a little " me" time this morning . The housework and all the other obligations can take a back seat for a couple of hours while I try to catch up on the blogs and snag some knitting time. I've started another pair of Monkey socks , since it's such an easy pattern to remember and won' t tax my tired brain .

Today the sun is shining and the temps are more seasonable . Most of the leaves are off the trees . Last evening we had the most spectacular sunset and evening sky .
Max and Stef came by last night with a new addition to their household . Since they've moved into the house they've been looking at the SPCA for a buddy for Alaska . They've found a little puppy yesterday , about 3 months old . He's cute as can be , but then aren't all puppies . He's a mixed breed , but looks to be part German Shepherd . All I know is he'll be one big dog when he's grown . They don't have a history as apparently he was found abandoned . He's calm and listens well and the SPCA feel that he will be a good companion for Alaska who so far has given his seal of approval . I'll post a pic when he stands still long enough for me to take one .

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Catching up !

I have just a few minutes today to write a post . Life has just been too busy lately .It also doesn't help that I've got a case of the blahs , which always seems to hit me in October . I usually get a humdinger of a cold to accompany the blahs , but have escaped so far . The unseasonably warm weather has probably helped to stave it off. No complaints as this will lower the heating costs unless we later get unusually harsh winter weather . Keeping fingers crossed for a mild winter.
My father has been here a couple of weeks and that means little time to myself with meal preparation and extra visitors and just in general catching up . The house is always full and in all honesty I'll be glad for a little peace and quiet . Don't I sound like a grump !
Max and Stefanie 's move into their new house went very well . It's such a cute little place and they've made it very homey and welcoming . Alaska has adjusted well to his new digs too , but I miss him lots . I usually go over to walk him during the day and he goes crazy when he hears me open the door . He knows a walk is coming .
Mike's socks are finally done and I took a quick pic of the socks on the feet . These were started at the end of August and only completed on October 16th . So much for the SAM KAL. I hope that things will settle down once my Dad leaves and the shower for Chantal and Casey is over . One more week - hope I survive !

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

On the fly

Well the birthday month is over ! Think that life will quieten down enough to get some knitting in ? Not so much... Mike's socks , the Japanese Feather stole , all still on hold . That's not even mentioning a scarf that's been on hiatus since last spring and the spring things shawl , we won't go there as we're in which season now.

Today my father arrives for a visit . He's flying in from Austria and will stay until the end of October . Needless to say , he's anxious to see us all. Casey and Max are especially looking forward to showing off their new homes . As of last Thursday Max and Stefanie are officially mortgage holders and home owners . We spent last week-end at their house painting it from top to bottom . Both families showed up en masse to help , so everything painting wise was done by Sunday evening . Max is changing all the mouldings and baseboards. He'll be doing that every evening after work , hoping to get done by next Saturday, which is moving day. I'll be going over to paint the trim , whenever I get a spare minute in the next few days.

I'm really , really , really hoping that next week I'll have a little bit of time to just breathe ....and maybe knit . But oh , I forgot, there's a wedding shower to plan and get going on . What's the old saying " no rest for the wicked ". I must be really bad !