Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rolling along

That's December for you , rolling , rolling rolling along sort of like a wave in the ocean and I'm kind of tumbling along with it .  It hit me today that there's just 14 days left till Christmas . I was feeling kind of happy with how my holiday preparations were going , after all the shopping is done , most of the knitted gifts are coming off the needles , the lights are up outside , some of the decorations are up inside. BUT and that's a really big but  , I haven't even started the holiday baking and planned the meal for Christmas Eve which is when my family celebrates Christmas . Then there's still the cleaning and wrapping of the presents , cards to be mailed out and probably a bunch of other stuff I 've forgotten about . I WILL not panic YET !

Yesterday I decided to start on the baking and attempted to make some spritz cookies . I've always thought that spritz cookies look so pretty and festive and I wanted to add something new to my repertoire . I'd never realized that using a cookie press is more tricky than it seems . Let's just say ,after a couple or twelve attempts that it didn't work out as planned and that darn cookie press will be finding a new home .Then I thought I'll just start on my absolutely- must-have- it- wouldn't- be- Christmas- without -them vanilla kiferl . Apparently grinding hazelnuts for the dough was a challenge also . I always buy them already ground but this year I couldn't find them anywhere . After trying to grind them in a variety of my small appliances , they weren't really fit to use in the recipe .I could possibly salvage them by using ground almonds instead and then adding a bit of the hazelnuts but that's for another day . I need to recover my disastrous day of baking first .

The BIG news , at least knitting wise  , is that I did finish Masons' sweater in time for his birthday . Here he is sporting it after opening his gifts last Saturday . I wish that I had knit a bigger size  (4 to 5 ) but at least he'll wear it this winter and spring . He's growing so fast ! I'm fairly happy with it , my finishing skills are improving but seaming is still my least favourite part of a project .

Some  nice things to write about are two bits of mail that I received recently . The first was from Dee which included a pattern for some socks that I had admired on her blog and she included the little sleigh cross stitch ornament that she'd recently finished . This was really wonderful unexpected act of kindness and I was so touched that she would send them . the ornament will have pride of place on our tree . Thank you so much Dee !

Wandering Cat Yarns - Day Dream & Night Wish

This was my second bit of nice mail . Aren't they gorgeous , the photo doesn't do them justice ! I was so happy with my last purchase at Valeries etsy shop that I snapped these two up as soon as I saw them . I told Mike that he was buying them for me as an early birthday gift  ;-)) .  No plans for them yet , I 'm just enjoying them as is for now .

So that just about wraps up December for now . I have a couple of finished knits to show but will save them for another post . In the meantime have a wonderful day and week  ! Wish me luck with my baking ....

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A good week

It feels like forever since I've been able to say that .After waiting for a while I got to see an ob/gyn and she's sending me for a pelvic ultrasound  . I've got an appointment for that on Saturday Dec. 1st . Going the private clinic route for that because the wait in the public system is a long one . We have insurance so we might as well use it . At least it's put my mind at ease that things are moving . Now I just need to be patient for the results .

Simple Textured blanket and a Peacock hat
Things are almost back to normal with my back . Naproxyn is amazing , it worked wonders ! I put my week off  , so to speak , to good use and finished up one project that had been in hibernation in the UFO pile and Jessey's blanket . I love this hat ! It was intended to be a ski hat for me , but about half way through the knitting I realized it was going to be too small . So into the UFO pile it went . It was a shame to leave it for so long , but I finished it this weekend and found a recipient . It fits my DIL Stefanie perfectly and it matches one of her jackets . One down ! I have  yarn in my stash to knit another one for me .

Whats on my needles now are my self-striping picot edge socks from the last post . I'm almost done with the first one , but then I got distracted again with this . A hat for Jessey , who is very much into pirates at the moment . I found the pattern on ravelry but am modifying it to fit a 4 year old . I had so much fun doing the braid on my Peacock hat that I've incorporated the technique into this one . As for Mason's sweater , don't ask ...

Thanks for stopping by , have a wonderful day !

Monday, November 12, 2012

Knitting , yarn and a new dessert

My back has been acting up again lately which means that I have had lots more time to knit . I've finished a little vest for Stella and am just about 3/4 of the way through with a blanket for Jessey . I'd promised him one last winter , bought the yarn and then it kind of got lost in all the projects on the needles . Well , though we've had an nice fall , winter can't be too far off so it is in progress now . The vest for Stella just need buttons and then she'll have her show and tell . Don't ask about Mason's sweater ... I guess I'm waiting for the deadline of Dec .
8th  (his birthday ) before I get cracking on seaming it together .

There's a new pair of socks on the go right now too . I was browsing online shops and came across some absolutely gorgeous yarn that I  HAD to have ,  to heck with the yarn diet . It was at Wandering Cat Yarns etsy shop . It was a simply fabulous grey/pink self-striping colourway called Steel Magnolias. Those  are my favourite colours lately . That colourway is all sold out but Valerie's got lots more beautiful yarns where that came from , so go look her up . The yarn arrived and I just had to cast on  . the picture doesn't do it justice , it's a much deeper pink , almost wine . I love it !

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day , mild and sunny , not like our typical gray November days . Despite the back pain I decided a walk , sunshine and fresh air would do me a world of good . After I came back , I felt like doing a little baking . I'd come across this yummy recipe for a crustless cranberry pie recently .  I modified the recipe slightly , as per other peoples recommendatios , using only a 1/4 tsp of almond extract and adding 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract . I also used sliced almonds instead of walnuts because that's what I had on hand . It's such a quick and easy recipe and the finished dessert is delcious ! Mike couldn't wait for it to cool down and had a piece almost straight from the oven . A big hit and one recipe I'll definitely do again .

That's it for me for today . Have a good day and a good week ...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October come and gone

I'm still here , but my blogging  mojo has disappeared lately  . With my father's six week stay and all the other family obligations I just can't seem to get back on track . I'm either too tired or just don't have the time , by the time I do have the time , there's not much to say . I have been doing some knitting but my spare time lately has been to escape into the pages of a book .

Health wise ,it's been one step forward and two steps back  lately . Step forward , the results of a second mammogram showed that there was nothing to worry about . Step back , I have some other health concerns and am waiting for  yet more results from  tests . I've been trying to see an ob/gyn but can't get an appointment till the middle of December . My own doctor is off for personal reasons . If I told the secretary that I was pregnant I'm sure that I could get in to see another doctor in a week or so .Somehow I don't think she's going to buy that so in the meanwhile I'm  trying to be patient and optimistic and hope for a cancellation .

Stella's hat and almost finished socks
My knitting step forward , this week I've been trying to finish my socks for the sock a month KAL . I just have the toe to finish off on the second sock . AND I finished  a pair of socks for Mike . The step back  , that hat for Stella which needs to be ripped back yet again and then lengthened yet again because Chantal thinks it should be a bit longer . I had Stella try it on before I sewed on the tassel and everything was fine , but this week it needs a do over . Grrrrrr ! I've modified this pattern to fit a two year old . I fell in love with it after seeing this one. Anyway I just have to bite the bullet and get it done , I just hope I have enough yarn left because the tassel and braids for the ties used up a ton of yarn .  Mason's sweater is all knitted up but the ribbing on the v- neck collar needs a do over . I don't think he'll be able to put it over his head as it is now . Then just sew in the sleeves and it 's done .Why I just can't get that finished is beyond me , but it's been sitting around for weeks already . I wish I had a little genie that would come in while I'm sleeping and voila ! DONE !

Bernat Sashay scarf

 Last but not least is this scarf for Linde , dad's wife . And she likes it ! It's not a yarn  that I'd knit with normally , but I liked the sparkles . A girl needs some sparkles once in awhile , especially this month ...

Onward to November ! Hope it's better than October ....

Sunday, September 30, 2012

What happened to September !?

The birthday boys - Opa , Casey and Max
Hi again !  It just seems like so many other things have claimed my time this month that blogging has fallen by the wayside . September , the short version , my father arrived from Austria a few weeks ago , so the family is here often , make that just about all the time . It seems like I have a revolving front door and an open kitchen . We celebrated three birthdays this month .As well Mike and Max put a new roof on the house . I had a  mammogram this month and have to go back for a follow up with my doctor this week . Just to make life more interesting , I managed to catch a humdinger of a cold . So that's September, mostly good stuff , but some crappy stuff thrown in .

 Murano socks
Today is cold and rainy ,  a perfect day to get in some knitting . I finished a pair of socks for my September sock KAL , but I REALLY have to get Mason's sweater finished . It's been stalled at the halfway point of the first sleeve . The body has been blocking on my ironing board for at least two weeks . Shows you how often I iron anything . Socktoberfest kicks off tomorrow and I'm trying to ignore the urge to cast on for another pair of socks . With a bit of luck and perseverance maybe I can get the first sleeve done today...

Friday, August 31, 2012

Distracted again

new socks in progress

new dishcloths
I really should be working on Masons' sweater but this is what's on the needles . Now , how did that happen ! Off to enjoy the last long weekend of the summer . Have a great one wherever you are !

Monday, August 27, 2012

A busy weekend

This weekend our town had it's annual Eco Market . This event features products and crafts from local producers and artisans . They have everything from local wines to makers of handmade soap , alpaca yarn and knitted items ,  stained glass and wood products .There's live music , different foods to sample , it's just wonderful way to while away a day . The weather this weekend was spectacular if a little on the warm side . Last year they had a torrential rainstorm , so this year the exhibitors were very happy despite the heat .

The setting , L'ile St. Bernard is so very pretty , right on Lac St. Louis and opposite the Island of Montreal . This property belonged to the Grey nuns who established a settlement there in the 1700s. A large part of the island is now a protected wildlife site . Our municipality bought it a couple of years ago in the hopes of keeping it so . Developers have been eager to buy it , but thanks to our mayor , a group of wildlife conservationists and a number of concerned local citizens we're able to keep it a protected zone . For me this is my little 'peaceful ' corner . I love to go and just sit on the shore and just enjoy the fresh air , the water and gaze out on  lake . Sometimes I bring my knitting or a book , but often times I just go to sit and just breathe . Best medicine and destessor ever !

You did notice that I mentioned yarn , right . One of the exhibitors there again this year was the owner of these two sweet girls . The came from Alpagas des Hauts Vents . I first visited this farm a couple of years ago when they had an open house in conjunction with the alpaca farmers association .  I'm currently knitting Colour Affection shawl with some yarn that I bought there . The owners are a fantastic young couple , very eager to talk about the alpacas and the yarn and the knitted or crocheted items that can be made from their fleece . Needless to say I bought more yarn , but in my defense , I had a project in mind , so it really wasn't an impulse buy . At least that's what I told Mike , who kind of looked at me in amazement , and reminded me of the ' yarn shop ' in the spare bedroom . I reminded him of his purchases , a couple of bottles of wine , some very nice smelling hand made soap , that sort of made us even in the area of not completely necessary purchases .

Here's my haul , which doesn't seem overly extravagant if you ask me. The real indulgences were the two shawl pins . The one on the left is carved from a piece of moose antler . That will be going back to Austria with my dad as a gift for my stepmother . The little bird is mine ! I just love the simplicity and the tinge of blue . He's worked from a piece of maple . You can't get more Canadian than moose antler and maple , eh ?!

Friday, August 24, 2012

It's been awhile

It feels like the last days of summer are upon us already . The days are getting shorter and the nights are cooler and the kids are going back to school. It's going by way to fast for my liking . We've had a wonderful summer . I spent a lot of time outdoors , in the pool trying to keep cool , under a shady tree reading and sometimes knitting and trying to keep up with the gardening /weeding .We haven't had very much rain this summer and the only thing that keeps on giving is the weeds . We 've had watering restrictions and the flowers are looking a little bedraggled and worse for wear. I didn't get on my bike as much as I did last summer, it was just too darn hot . I did however get in some early morning or late evening walks .

Lately reaping the harvest from the garden has kept me busy . We share a pretty substantial garden plot with our next door neighbours on land that is owned by Hydro Quebec . Hydro uses it to run a small feeder line and because it's on land that is zoned residential they have to cut the grass and maintain it . About 3 years ago Mike and our neighbour decided to plant a small garden there,  yup they're squatters . Hydro is aware of it because a few their crews have come down the street to do the maintenace on the lines , and they no longer send anyone to cut the grass . So far its a win/win situation . Of course over the years that garden has grown considerably . This year we planted about 20 tomato plants, some zucchini , green beans , cucumbers and peppers . Our neighbours Fred and Melanie have planted that and so much more, everything from beets, cabbage , broccoli and different varieties of greens , to strawberries and cantaloup . They are super enthusiastic gardeners to say the least . We 're stocking our freezers and sharing the extra with family and friends . All of our grandkids are always going over to see what's ready in Grandpa's garden and helping him pick something good to eat . Casey and Chantal have planted a small garden at their house too so Jessey and Stella can some fun .

 There is knitting to show you but 'bleepity bleep ' blogger won't let me upload my photo of the finished Cherry Lane socks for some reason . Here's the ravelry link . I really , really love these socks ! There are new socks on the needles already , cos you know , fall is just around the corner . Mason's sweater is at the top of my priority list for pretty much the same reason .So much to do so little time ...

That's it for today , till we meet again , have a good day ! Maybe blogger will sort itself out by then and I can actually show you more of what I've been up to... .

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My summer of knitter's ADD

It started innocently enough with this shawl . It's the Simple Yet Effective shawl by Evelyn Chau . I had some Noro sock yarn that I really wanted to get out of the stash  .

Everything was going well until I saw this pattern . Yup , the Color Affection shawl ! Before I knew it I had cast on . After all I had some really nice yarn that was just meant for this particular pattern . Unfortunately for all my good intentions some really hot and humid summer weather kicked in right about then . That put paid to my finishing this right then . After all ,who wants a big warm , woolly shawl on their lap when it's stinking hot  .

Next up was my Dragonfly socks thanks to Dee . Well I actually did finish those .There had been no change in the weather so of course I looked for something small to work on . Right about then I did my big stash cleanup and came across the Cherry Lane sock pattern . Good cause , I have yarn , so there you go , another pair of socks on the needles .

Well , sad to say they haven't changed all that much since this picture was taken  . I still haven't gotten to the heel portion of the second sock . They were put on hold because I decided that my most immediate concern should be to knit a sweater for Mason .

I had bought yarn last year with a project in mind so I didn't even have to go out and buy some . This  all fits in with my intention of sticking to a yarn diet . He's growing like a weed and if I didn't start soon I wouldn't be able to use the yarn I had bought last year . You see where this is going ...

Those are just the works in progress . Let's not mention the UFOs that I came across when I was sorting out the stash .

Monday, July 23, 2012

Stitching Red

I came across this pattern on ravelry recently and it was love at first sight . Having just done a stash cleanup I knew that I had the perfect yarn for it, so I quickly bought the pattern and cast on immediately . I love, love , love these socks ! One is completed and I'm almost half done with the cuff on the second sock .

An added bonus is that part of the sales of the pattern go to the Stitch Red campaign that is putting the focus on heart disease which is the number one killer of women in the United States . After doing a quick search , apparently the same is true for Canadian women . This is something close to my heart , pun intended , I have high blood pressure and have made some lifestyle changes , lost some weight , exercise more , but I'm still not at the point that I can do without the pills .  My goal to be keep plugging away at it till the rest of the weight comes off . I'd like to be around to enjoy my grand kids for as long as possible .

Speaking of which , here's a recent photo of Mason . He was recently diagnosed with having a condition commonly known as lazy eye . He has a followup with the ophthalmologist in a couple of months to see if there is any improvement  in his vision . He's been pretty good at keeping them on , for the most part . To me he's just adorable , with or without the glasses , but he sure looks more little boy than baby with them .

That's it for today , till next time ...have a great week !

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pink dragonflies

Doing the happy dance because the Dragonfly socks are finished ! They were the perfect project to get my knitting mojo back on track . I'm pretty happy with them overall . My only reservations have to do with the yarn (Wendy Happy 4 ply ) , which is made of 75% bamboo and 25% nylon . It is  incredibly soft , the colour is very pretty , but knitting with it is a pain in the a** . It's very splitty , you have to be super careful so that you don't have any errant threads hanging loose . I've also found , now that the socks are finished , that there is very little stretch with this yarn . I don't have any more in my stash and probably wouldn't go out of my way to buy more . Thank you Dee for hosting this KAL !

Last week I did a stash assessment and reorganization . It was getting so that I had bits and bobs of yarn spilling out of bags and storage containers . It was driving me crazy looking through it to find something for a specific project , so I didn't bother and just went out to buy what I needed .  The sock yarn was fairly well organized but the rest was a disaster . Lately I've been considering joining the Come - Blog -Along and their Year of Projects on ravelry . I've hesitated because my blogging has been rather haphazard since last Fall . My life these days doesn't lend itself to that kind of commitment , so I 've decided to just KAL with them informally on my own . Having gone through and reorganized the yarn and then assessed the ravelry queue I've come up with a plan to reduce both the stash and the queue . I've almost 500 various projects listed there and given that I generally complete an average of 20 to 30 knits in a year its seems to be an overly optimistic queue . I'm using it as more of a wish list than anything else . I've got some patterns and yarns matched up and I'm eager to start knitting . It feels good to have a plan and we'll see where it takes me ...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Long time no post

Mostly because life just got in the way . Suffice to say that there was just so much  going on that I kind of lost my get up and go in all kinds of ways . Then Mike's computer died so we're supposed to be sharing this one . At least I'm sharing , him not so much . We've had a lot of unexpected expenses this spring so a new computer is not on the agenda for just a bit .  Summertime is here and the living is easy , or at least easier .

My knitting mojo is coming back , thanks to Dee and her Dragonfly socks  KAL . This pattern has been in my ravelry queue since 2010 . I'm so glad that Dee came along to move it up to being a cast on not just a work in mind .I'm not sure that I chose the best yarn to show off the pattern , but I like it . It makes me think of Maynards Swedish Berries candies which are one of my guilty pleasures .

Till next time ... maybe there will even be a finished sock !

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday fun

The first ever Montreal Pinepple Challenge was held today at the park on Ile Ste. Helene . Our son Max participated as part of team calling themselves Nolan's Titans after their inspiration little 17 month old Nolan, who is undergoing treatment for this disease . Nolan is the nephew of Max's friend and colleague Greg who was their team leader . It was a lighthearted way to raise money for research and to support  patients and their families . They had a perfect day and these guys and their support team raised almost $4000. Mike and I went to cheer them on and follow them through the 5km course . I just couldn't keep up with them , they were way to fast for this Omi . I kind of parted ways with them half way through but managed to get to the finish line just as they were doing the last two obstacles . A great way to spend a Saturday afternoon  !

Monday, April 30, 2012


Why is it that the weekends seem to pass by so quickly ? Even if you're retired  they just fly by . Now that Mike and I are up in the wee hours with our grandson Mason from Monday to Friday , I'm finding that I really look forward to the weekends so that I can sleep in a bit . And here it is Monday already and the last day of April to boot .

We had a fairly quiet weekend with some catching up on the yard work , shopping and Sunday brunch with the family . I have to admit that it was Mike doing most of the yard work as my back is still not 100% . I'm getting there but don't want to push it too much . The weather has been cool and rainy . Disappointing after that gorgeous weather we had in March , but c'est la vie .

We saw a couple of movies on Saturday night . We rented the last Mission Impossible , Ghost Protocol , not my choice , but it was an okay movie .If you've seen any of the previous ones you know what to expect , lots of action , predictable plot with the usual assortment of bad guys . I really got a lot of knitting done on my April socks during that one . The other ,  Moneyball with Brad Pitt , was on the movie network and it was actually better than I expected . I have to say that I enjoyed it . Yesterday we had the family in for our almost weekly Sunday brunch . I don't mind getting up early to prepare it , it's nice to have everyone together , but best of all is when they all leave because the rest of the day is mine to do with what I like . I love Sundays !

I found myself a little wind sheltered corner out in the back yard and finished off these socks yesterday . I was anxious to get them off the needles because I have some new knits in mind . I've been searching ravelry and tossing the stash trying to match up patterns and yarn . So many ideas , so much yarn and so little time ....

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Quick little post to thank everyone for their comments and kind words on my last post . After a week of rest and taking the meds my back is on the mend . I still have a ways to go before I'm back to normal but at least there's no more  unbearable pain . I'm under strict instructions from the family about not picking up the little ones , no matter what  . The upside of this has been that Mike is picking up the slack when it comes to the housework and cooking the meals . We've had takeout more often than usual . The downside of the recovery is that sitting too long is still painful so there's not been very much knitting going on  . So walking , weather permitting , and reading are what has been keeping me sane this last week . Oddly enough , walking doesn't seem to bother me too much but , man , do I seize up if I sit for any length of time .

Knitting progress has been slow on both the socks and the stash busting shawl . I've also been itching to cast on for something new and have checking out patterns on ravelry every chance I get . I've been going through all of my yarn and trying to match up patterns and available yarns from my stash looking for inspiration . No success yet , but some definite possibilities .

This handsome guy is my ever ready walking companion .  You just have to say "Alaska , do you want ...."  and he's bouncing around ready to go .

Monday, April 16, 2012

A trip to the ER

Last Friday afternoon while I was playing outside with Mason , I ended up injuring my back . I was picking him up so that he could go down the slide when I felt a kind of a pop in my lower back area . It hurt like the dickens at the time but after a bit the pain was less severe . I figured a couple of Tylenol would do the trick . Saturday when I got up the pain was worse but still the Tylenol was helping along with a couple of Voltaran applications , recommended by the pharmacist. Well by Sunday the pain was intolerable . I couldn't walk , sit or stand without experiencing excruciating pain . Even lying down didn't offer any relief . It was the worst pain that I've ever felt .

 Mike wanted call an ambulance but I wanted to get washed and dressed and get there under my own steam . The 10 minute ride to the hospital was absolute torture . The triage nurse after taking my blood pressure which was sky high by then , gave me a pain killer . It took the edge off , but the pain was still unbearable . Fortunately , I didn't take too long for me be seen by a doctor . After having an x-ray, the conclusion was that I have arthritis in my back  but  that I most  probably tore a ligament or have another internal injury that can't be seen by a simple x-ray . If this pain persists I'll have to go back for an MRI . In the meantime he's put me on some major meds for pain , some muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory pills. I'm seeing my family doctor on Wednesday as it turns out and since he's affiliated with the local hospital , he'll be able to see the results online and judge for himself  about the diagnosis . Once the pills kicked in I had much less pain , but they knocked me right out .

I'm feeling better today , mostly thanks to the pills . I can't stay in any position for too long before everything starts to seize up and the pain gets worse again .Anyways we'll see how it goes after a few days rest and a course of anti-inflammatory meds . I'm really hoping that will do the trick .

All that medication has me somewhat loopy and not able to focus , but I did get some knitting done this am . I finished off one sock and started the second . I'm not very happy with the yarn as there have been 5 breaks and knots throughout the skein so far . Most of them were at the same point in the colourway , but the first one was not . Hence these will be fraternal socks because I can't be bothered trying to figure it out , I'm just going with the flow .

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter weekend

The actual holiday was yesterday but we had the family in for Easter brunch on Saturday . The kiddies made out like bandits with tons of chocolate , candy and Easter eggs , some new clothes , toys , namely a doll for Stella , tricycle for Mason and Jessey got a new DVD (Chipwrecked )  and a bubble maker . The tricycle will actually be kept here so that Mason and Stella can both use it . Our street is very quiet with not much traffic . Since all of them are here often it made sense for me to keep it here . This house is starting to look more and more like a daycare  according to Mike . It's been cool and overcast for the last couple of days , so it was an Easter egg hunt with everyone well bundled up . They all still had fun and enjoyed playing outside .

Last week we had a new fence installed . The old one was beyond repair and finally bit the dust . You can see the back section in the photo of Mason and Alaska . It's a chain link fence , so low maintenance and it should last a long time. To save a bit of cash Mike and Max tore down the old wooden one and we installed the privacy slats on three sides ourselves . We're really happy that it's done . The next big project for this year will be a new roof . Another job for Mike and sons . This will have to wait till the fall . The bank account needs replenishing ...

As for me this is what I'm up to today . I've declared it a pyjama day with lots of time for knitting , reading and tea drinking . Not a bad way to start the week !

Saturday, March 31, 2012

March in short ...

These two projects are the sum total of my knitting accomplishments for the month of March . Not a lot really , but I'm super happy to have completed the Raspberry Ruffles cardie in time for my granddaughter Stella's first birthday yesterday . A new pair of socks for me is another bonus as I recently had to pitch out a couple of hand knit socks that were worn out . My mother would be most upset with me because she was the queen of darning socks . Unfortunately this is not a case of like mother like daughter . Looking at the photos I guess I was going through a pink phase this month  ;-) .

I just have to share a couple of photos just because they make me smile . Stella enjoying her birthday cake ...

 and this pic of Mason outside in his Little Tykes car on an unseasonably warm March day , as you can tell by the fact that he's wearing a tee shirt instead of what we'd  normally be wearing in mid March .

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Raspberry Ruffles

My granddaughter Stella will be celebrating her first birthday on March 30th . I couldn't let that go by without knitting a little something special for her . After searching high and low online I found this adorable cardigan on Patternfish . An added bonus was that I had the yarn needed in my stash in the exact quantity for the appropriate size . With all the stars aligned it was a must knit . Here's the progress so
far ...

The back and almost all of the left front are completed . I'm knitting the 2 to 3 year old size , even though it will be slightly too big on her just yet ; I'd like her to be able to wear it for more than 2 minutes . She's outgrown every other hand knit in the blink of an eye . I have to tell you that I am madly in love with that little ruffle and lace border . Too cute for words !

While I was digging through the stash I came across more yarn , enough for two cardigans worth . I've already purchased the patterns , now I just need to find the time to knit them . Stella will be kept toasty warm this year and the stash will be slightly smaller , unless of course I buy more yarn . And I wouldn't do that because I already enough yarn (cough , cough ) .

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On a roll

Not only am I finding some time to post but I also have knits to show . The scarf from the previous post is done , a big YIPPEE for that one . The pattern is called the Little Bobble Scarf by Meg Roke . This is just too cute for words . It was gifted at Christmas , but Chantal wanted it longer so she gave it back to me to add on some inches . I'd made it 26 " long originally , have added another 8 " . I'm glad it's done so that Stella can still get some use out of it . I don't know why it took me so long to get it done .

Next up are another pair of socks for Jessey . He's learning to skate now and these would be perfect to wear inside skates . They're a little warmer than regular socks . They 're just plain vanilla stocking stitch . I 'm so happy with the colours and the stripes . I'm guessing that I even have enough yarn to do another pair if I do contrasting cuff, heel and toes .

I spent a little time today updating my ravelry page and knitting the sock from my last post . It feels so good to be getting back into the groove .

Friday, February 17, 2012

While I was away

Today I have a rare day to myself ! Mason is at daycare today because another child is absent , the laundry  is done , the kitchen is clean , the vacuuming needs to be done again , thanks to all the critters that live with us , but that job has been assigned to Mike . So aside from making dinner tonight I can play for the rest of the day .  Don't know what I'm going to do with myself , NOT !

First up for sure , are these socks in progress . These were cast on last week during the drive down get to Stowe Vermont for a much needed getaway weekend . The timing was perfect , I've been trying to get over the second cold in just over a month and really needed a couple of days away . We had planned to bring our skis but I was just not up to doing any cross country skiing , especially in Stowe where the trails have a lot of up and down sections . Truth be told I just wanted to sleep which was what I did for most of Friday , not very exciting for Mike . Got up on Saturday feeling at least a little rested and had a really nice day exploring Stowe , eating at some fabulous restaurants ,  did a bit of reading , knit some more on the sock and just plain relaxed . More of the same on Sunday and by the time we had to drive back home on Sunday afternoon I was feeling so much better .

Back to the socks , the pattern is Rosamond by Kate Blackburn . It is an easy to remember lace pattern and the finished socks are just so nice . The yarn I have mixed feeling about . I love the colours but the yarn is a tad splitty and there's definitely a  fuzzy little halo to it . It's also a little on the thin side which doesn't auger well for durability . I have one other skein in the stash and will probably knit a shawl for the next go around with it .

Also on the agenda is  reading that huge 608 page book , the latest offering by Elizabeth George .You can't tell the size from the photo but it  weighs in at 3pounds , I know because I weighed it . This is definitely not for reading in bed or while soaking in the tub . I've been a fan of Elizabeth George and her Inspector Lynley series ever since her first book was published , but in my opinion this is not one of her best . It is interesting , it's kept me reading through the first 400 pages , but it really is more of a character study than a mystery novel . Which is all well and good but it could stand to have a bit more of a plot . I'm beginning to think that she should retire the series and perhaps focus on something new . I will definitely finish it after having invested so much time in reading it so far . Maybe the last 200 plus pages will surprise me .

Next up I just have to finish a scarf for Stella that has been sitting on the needles for way too long . At this rate the winter will be over before she gets it . I'm ashamed to say that all the remains are a few rows of bobble stitch and then the cast off . Today's the day come hell or high water !

Till next time whenever that may be , have a wonderful weekend !

Friday, January 27, 2012

Alaska comes back

to where he first called home . Long story , but a happy one for us , Max brought Alaska to stay with us . Since Stef has gone back to work they were both finding it difficult to give enough attention to the dogs . Max decided that Alaska would be happier back with us . Mike and I both missed Bingo and since Alaska came here as a pup and knows us , it has worked out well all around .

Monday, January 23, 2012

A new year , a fresh start

The last months of 2011 saw some changes in my life, hence the blog silence . Just when I  thought that life was going to settle down somewhat , I started baby sitting our little grandson , Mason , when his mom went back to work , after her maternity leave . I'd forgotten just how much energy it takes to look after a lively one year old . I'm up at 5:30 am every day to be over at Max's  before 6:30 . Stef leaves  very early for her commute to work . I'll be having him full time , 5 days a week , until sometime in June when he should have a permanent daycare spot . Even then I'll be the one bringing him to daycare , otherwise he'd have to get up super early and it would mean a very long day for him . The bonus for me and what makes it all worthwhile is his happy smile when he sees me in the morning . Priceless ! But I will say that I have now started taking a short nap when Mason goes down for his afternoon nap . I have never  , ever , been a person who naps .

Aside from that , I've also been spending Wednesday afternoons with Stella while Chantal teaches a dance class . She has got to be the easiest , happiest baby ever . I'm also trying to get some one on one time with Jessey whenever possible .I don't want him to feel left out . Needless to say , they've all kept me hopping ...

As per usual I got my annual Christmas cold right in time for the holidays , my birthday and New  Years eve . I spent the better part of that week in bed , feeling absolutely horrible . Thankfully it only lasted a week .

There hasn't been too much time for knitting lately , but all of my intended Christmas knitting was done in time .I'm hoping that I'll be able to update my ravelry page in the next week or two with the finished knits . There are two works in progress , I guess I should say slow progress . This is the first sock for 2012 , almost done . I'm going to try and keep up with the sock a month KAL . The other knit is a hat which I'd intended to be for me , but it looks like it might be a tad too small . One for the gift box !

In the last while I've contemplated discontinuing this blog . I can't say how often I'll update and how much time I'll have to read and comment on other blogs . I've missed that more than you can imagine . In the meantime I'll keep going a little longer and see how it goes ...

Have a good week !