Friday, May 29, 2009

Old & New

I haven't been in the mood to blog lately . I'm blaming the funk on the miserable weather. Can you believe that it's the end of May and I'm still wearing socks and shoes , not barefoot with sandals .The heat even went on downstairs the other evening . Looks like summer is happening other places , just not here .

There has been just a little knitting going , but there's mostly been reading , I've even squeezed in some relating to sock knitting . More on that the next post . I'm thinking that willgive me something positive to say, rather than complain about the weather . Here's the long overdue socks . The pattern is a called waterfall rib and the yarn is Trekking . I lost the ball band so don't have the colour # . These are going in the gift basket . They're intended for a birthday or Christmas gift for a friend .
I cast on a new project the other night while watching the new season of "So You Think You Can Dance " . Here's a sneak peek . So far it's easy peasy but the more challenging part comes a bit further on . More next week & next month
In the meantime , have good weekend !

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dog sitting Saturday

Dog sitting Saturday
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The knitting mojo has left the building . What's taken it's place is gardening , reading, and dog sittting . Here's my canine grandkids (Alaska & Zeus) on a visit Saturday while Max & Stef were away . It's been awhile since they were over. Bingo is still recovering from having 2 BIG dogs in the house ; -) .

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day to remember

This year's celebration was special because Jessey's christening fell on Mother's Day . The ceremony was just beautiful , the reception afterwards was fun with lots of family, friends and good food . What more can you ask !

Here's both sets of grandparents and uncles and aunts of the little guy . We took lots of photos in the Church and fewer at the hall. I forgot to take out the camera as much there, for some reason . Could be that I was busy catching up with everyone and just enjoying the moments .

Friday, May 8, 2009

A pain in the neck !

As predicted it's rained most of this week . It's just as well because I've been feeling a little under the weather since Tuesday , so all the garden plans were on hold anyways . Occasionally I have episodes of neuralgia . In my case it's the the trigeminal neuralgia giving me sharp shooting pains at the back of my head just behind my ear . Painkillers are of little help , so I have to wait it out and hope it disappears on its own . These episodes can last anywhere from a couple of days to a week or more . I don't know what brings it on , could be that I caught a draught which triggered some ear pain . I can tell you that it's awful and I'm really hoping it disappears soon . It's kind of wearing me out .

Anyway , enough of that . I'm working on my socks for May . Sock #1 is done and here's my progress on the second one . I don't know why these ended up at the bottom of the knitting basket . I don't normally have socks as UFOs , usually it's bigger and more complicated projects . Apparently these were started in 2006 , so I guess it's about time they're of the needles.

Sunday will be Jessey's christening , so I'll be able to get photos of the baby sweaters . Mike is off next week and apparently at least the first few days promise to be sunny , perfect for the garden work . I just hope this pain in the head and neck is gone by then :) !

Have a good weekend !

Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend roundup

The weekend just flew by . We had such nice weather for working in the garden so that's just what I did . It was sunny and not too warm (18 -20 degrees C ) , which for me is perfect for that . I like it just a tad warmer for getting in the pool .

My perennial beds have been neglected in the last couple of years . Life and the weather not cooperating at the right time just always seemed to get in the way. This year Mike is taking next week off so that we can try and get the yard and perennial beds in better shape . That will involve a lot of digging and transplanting and dividing of overgrown perennials .

This year we're going to plant a few tomato plants in a sunny location near the house . We're hoping to expand that next year to include some green beans , cucumbers and salad . We've got a lot of other things going on this summer , especially the downstairs bathroom renovations , so we didn't want to bite off more than we could chew . I'm keeping fingers crossed that the weather cooperates next week . It's supposedly going to rain most of this week , which is fine by me so that next week should be sunny . It can't rain for 2 weeks straight can it ?

Not much knitting going on here , but that will probably change with the rainy weather. I dug out the socks that have been hibernating for almost 2 years and will work on them . I also have that little green baby sweater that really needs to get done . There's a baby boom going on around here this year . Chantal's cousin and his wife are expecting twins for sometime in early November . I'm really happy for her , they've been trying for two years . She is such a sweetie and will make a great mom . Nice for Jessey to because they also live close by , 2 houses over .

Speaking of the little man ...

This is him yesterday afternoon playing in his exersaucer . My heart just about bursts whenever I get to spend time with him .
I have so much fun . I love him to pieces !

Sorry but I just couldn't end this post with absolutely no photos . Off to more gardening and then cut the grass