Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Finished Knit

January has certainly been a productive month for knitting . One of the recent finished projects was this hat . The pattern is the "top down " snow boarder hat from Cabin Fever . I used some Patons Classic Wool for the main colour and the contrast colours are Elann Peruvian Wool . All were from my stash . Yay !! I misjudged the size slightly by knitting the large adult size . I should have measured Mike's head , apparently it's not as big as I thought it was :-) , it came out a little too big . The remedy was to wet it and try and shrink it a tad in the dryer . Worked out well don't you think ? He's as happy as the proverbial clam and wears it all the time . Wonder of wonders Max and Casey have each requested one .
The weather lately has been perfect for cross country skiing and Mike and I head out almost every day . I'm still using the stationary bike on the odd days we don't ski . I've lost another pound that makes it four pounds for this month . Believe it or not the exercise part of my goal of making lifestyle changes has been easier than the calorie reducing part . I'm eating healthier, making better choices , limiting my caloric intake but it's a daily struggle to keep my sugar readings at good levels .
Tomorrow is Mike's birthday so we're having the family over for dinner . Nothing fancy because they were over during the weekend and we celebrated then . Casey , Chantal and Jessey won't be able to make it because Jessey is sick again . They spent the evening at the ER last night and apparently Jessey has pneumonia . Poor little guy ! He was listless and coughing when we saw him but not running a fever till yesterday . Then he started having difficulty breathing , hence the trip to the ER . Chantal had thought it was asthma . No daycare for him this week .
Till next time ...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Brrrrr , a cold Monday

Today was just too darn cold go anywhere if you don't have to , so I spent the day at home with my knitting , enjoying the warmth of the sun streaming into the kitchen . I did have to go out briefly to bring Jessey to daycare because Chantal's car wouldn't start . But that really wasn't a hardship because I got extra Jessey kisses as payment . We had planned to do some skiing but the extreme temperatures put an end to that . The stationary bike was the alternative for today .

This is the hat and scarf set for Sidney that I had planned to sent out to Alberta in time for Christmas . I only had to knit a couple of inches more on the scarf and weave in the ends but it just hung around in the knitting basket . Bad, bad bad . It'll be in the mail tomorrow .
Also in the mail tomorrow will be this trio of socks for the Warm Hands Network . The box is packed and ready to go . I've started another pair and am looking through the stash for yarn to knit some mittens . I also finished Mike's hat , but that's for another post .
So all in all a pretty productive day . It'll be slightly warmer here tomorrow so maybe we can head out on the skis . Till next time ...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday round up

I've been away from the blog so I'm just trying to play catch up here . Life has been good since I finally kicked that nasty cold that plagued me for the last few weeks of 2010 . The weather hasn't been too awful and we have enough snow to break in the new cross country skis . Or rather , to break in my badly out of shape body . The 'goals' for 2011 to eat healthier and exercise more are off to a good start . I've lost 3lbs and am exercising regularly . Not a lot , but it's a start . I'm biking on the stationary bike that has been a clothes rack in the family room for the last few years . Mike and I are going skiing a couple of times a week . And big news , I'm enjoying it and it's not torture any more . The first few outings were definitely on the torturous side and had me wondering if this purchase of skis was wise . I found this fabulous web site that has been the biggest help in keeping me focused and motivated . It's early days yet but I feel like I might actually be able to stick to this and get off all of the meds for high blood pressure and diabetes . If some excess weight comes off , bonus !

The knitting has been going really well too . I've finished three pairs of socks for the Warm Hands Network , finally got Jessey's blanket for the car done , and am working on a hat for Mike . I have to take photos of the socks and update my ravelry page but here's the blanket . It's cosy and warm and best of all Jessey loves it .

Just because I think he's the cutest little baby and I love him to pieces I'll end this post with a picture of Mason . He's already six weeks old ! He's losing that baby bird preemie look and filling out quite nicely . Jessey is quite smitten with him but will tell me to give him back to Max if he's getting too much attention from Omi . Little monkey !
Have a wonderful weekend !

Monday, January 10, 2011

Cleaning up the WIPs

I found these mittens at the bottom of the knitting basket just before Christmas . I had started them in January 2010 , knit the first mitten , got half through the second and then put them away till I discovered them again this year . They had been intended as an early January birthday gift for a friend . I must have missed the deadline and put them away to be finished later . Well , a year later she finally got them . Better late than never and one less WIP in the knitting basket ! BTW , Cory loved them .
The details : Anna's Mittens pattern by SpillyJane . The yarn is Paton Classic Merino wool and the contrasting colours are all Elann Peruvian Wool . These are probably the second or third mittens that I've ever knit . There's some mistakes in the first mitten but I learned a few things during the hiatus and the second one turned out much better .
Back to working on socks for the Warm Hands Network . I'd like to get three pairs done by next week so that they'd be in Ottawa in time for the January shipment . Mind you if worst comes to worst I could drive them up to Ottawa , it's only 2 1/2 hours away . It would probably be quicker than Canada Post and a good excuse to visit the nations capital and visit some yarn shops . Oops , I'm not supposed to do that ...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Goals for 2011

That seems more realistic to me than making resolutions . Goals are achievable long term aspirations for something better. Resolutions invariably end up being broken . 2010 was a very good year overall . There were moments of sorrow , but there were also times of great joy . The arrival of our second grandson being one of those . Chantal and Casey's announcement of another baby on the way for 2011 was another .

The goals for 2011 are :

One eat healthier . I have type 2 diabetes . Things had been going well but somehow this fall the wheels came off the bus and I've been struggling to stay on track . I'm tired of being tired so I HAVE to make some changes !

The second part of the equation obviously is exercise . In the past I've tried gym memberships but always failed to stick to it . The plan now is to find activities that I enjoy and give that a shot . Hence the new cross country skis . I tried them out and while it was hard it was fun .

The third of my goals concerns my knitting . I will knit more for charity , socks , hats mittens and maybe even a baby blanket or two . I'll be celebrating a milestone birthday (60) at the end of the year and this seems like a good way to make it more meaningful . The principal recipients will be the Warm Hands Network (rav link) which I found out about through some knitters who visit here . Mike and the grandkids will also be getting some hand knits but for the most part my knitting this year will be going there . I hope to use mostly stash , but will have to buy yarn now and again . Such a hardship , I know ....

My first project for 2011 .

Saturday, January 1, 2011