Thursday, November 26, 2015

Hat weather

November has been unusually mild and sunny this year . That is until last week when the temperatures dropped and we even had a bit of snow that stayed around for a couple of days . Needing a break from knitting the Burton Bear Cowl ( I really , really dislike the pattern , but that's another post ) I started on and finished another of the Top This! hats as requested by Jessey , a monkey for my little monkey .

I think he likes it !
Thanks to the frosty and windy mornings I quickly cast on a hat for ME . Now normally I am like the proverbial shoemakers children who always go barefoot , I love making hats for family , friends and newborns for the local hospital , but for me , well maybe later when all the others are done . I found the perfect pattern for me , Basia by Hanna Maciejewska .It was quick , easy but not boring and makes a very warm and cozy hat . I love it !

Now that the hats are out of my system for now, I can get back to regularly scheduled knitting . That being the shrugs for Stella and Charlie as well as the Burton Bear Cowls (sigh ) . Stella's shrug is well underway , in fact I am hoping to have it completed by Dec 6th ,if I can find some buttons for it between now and then . Finding buttons is always a challenge . 
Wishing all my American friends and family a very Happy Thanksgiving ! Till next time , have a great weekend !

Monday, November 16, 2015

Home again

Mike and I went for getaway week at the end of October and came back just in time for Amanda's wedding on November 7 th . The week away did us both a world of good . We went to Cayo Santa Maria in Cuba , our time there was wonderful , beautiful hot weather , long walks on the beach and nothing to do but relax . We couldn't have asked for more ...

Amanda had a beautiful day for her wedding , she looked beautiful and so very happy . Don't they make a handsome couple !? I don't think you could meet a nicer and more suited couple than those two .

They were married by Matthews' mother who is a minister . She 's performed the weddings for each of her four sons , Matthew being the last one to tie the knot . It was a wonderful evening and we feel blessed to have been included in their special day . We wish them a lifetime of nothing but happiness !

Life has been a little more mundane since . I have been unpacking , doing laundry and just generally getting back into routine . We've attended a couple of Jesseys hockey games , we had an absolute blast cheering for him and the team . I'm not a hockey mom , but am definitely a hockey Omi . I am hoping to be able to go to most of his games .

I didn't do very much knitting while I was away , it was much too hot . Since coming home I did finish the Go Habs Go socks , making a pair each for Jessey and Mason .

The socks will go in the gift box for Christmas . I had trouble sleeping last night so I got up early to start another of the Top This ! hats .This time a monkey for Jessey . I have at least four more knits lined up that need to be done before Christmas . I am waiting for a delivery from for the yarn to knit Stella and Charlie each a shrug to wear with their Christmas dresses . No pressure , right . I have the yarn to knit them each a Burton Bear Cowl . At least one will get done this week if all goes as planned . They are knit with 9mm needles so it shouldn't take more than an evening or two right ?

Anyhow that 's it for today . Thank you for coming by and I wish you a good week ahead . Till next time ...

Friday, October 23, 2015

Promise me

This is Amanda's wedding shawl ready for the big day November 7th . It has been a work in progress since mid August . I had knit a few other things while doing this, just to keep my sanity.The stocking stitch part was easy peasy , but the lace and beads were challenging . I am so happy that it is finished , it will be wrapped and gifted to Amanda this weekend .  For once I wasn't rushing to meet a deadline.

Have a wonderful weekend , till next time ...

Sunday, October 18, 2015

A bump in the road

I have been away from this blog for a little over a year . Late last year life threw me a curve with a breast cancer diagnosis .  I was very fortunate that it was early stage but had spread to my lymph nodes meant that I would have to have surgery , chemo and radiation . Everything went well and I finished treatment mid June of this year . At my last follow up with my oncologists I was told that I am now cancer free . Without the support of my family and friends this would have been much worse . I had some rough patches but am finally feeling more like myself . There are still low days here and there , but who doesn't have those , and more days of counting my blessings and enjoying each day . 

There has been knitting not that you'd know it by looking at my ravelry page . Many were completed and gifted before I thought to take a photo . I blame it on chemo brain , lol . I will try and update it soon . What I'm working on now ....

Jesseys' socks in the Go Habs Go colour way from Biscotte & Cie 

A Gaptastic cowl for My friend Yvonne . And last but not least a wedding shawl for Amanda who will be tying the knot with her sweetie Matthew on November 7th . I have 5 rows left plus the cast off to do .

I hope to give it to Amanda next weekend . I also finished a quartet of hats for my grandkids . I fell in love with these hats after seeing them knit up at my local yarn shop . They are kits by DMC called TopThis ! I mean who could resist !? 

 That's it for today , off to work on the wedding shawl while it is still daylight . Have a wonderful week !