Thursday, November 26, 2015

Hat weather

November has been unusually mild and sunny this year . That is until last week when the temperatures dropped and we even had a bit of snow that stayed around for a couple of days . Needing a break from knitting the Burton Bear Cowl ( I really , really dislike the pattern , but that's another post ) I started on and finished another of the Top This! hats as requested by Jessey , a monkey for my little monkey .

I think he likes it !
Thanks to the frosty and windy mornings I quickly cast on a hat for ME . Now normally I am like the proverbial shoemakers children who always go barefoot , I love making hats for family , friends and newborns for the local hospital , but for me , well maybe later when all the others are done . I found the perfect pattern for me , Basia by Hanna Maciejewska .It was quick , easy but not boring and makes a very warm and cozy hat . I love it !

Now that the hats are out of my system for now, I can get back to regularly scheduled knitting . That being the shrugs for Stella and Charlie as well as the Burton Bear Cowls (sigh ) . Stella's shrug is well underway , in fact I am hoping to have it completed by Dec 6th ,if I can find some buttons for it between now and then . Finding buttons is always a challenge . 
Wishing all my American friends and family a very Happy Thanksgiving ! Till next time , have a great weekend !


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Lovely hat you made for yourself!

I was not fond of Burton Bear either... but it was cute when it was finished.

Anonymous said...

Those Top This hats are adorable. Looks like Jessey really likes his.

What is it about Burton Bear that you don't like? The yarn looks REALLY heavy. I think my hands would get tired.

Anita said...

How groovy are those hats!!!! Over here in Australia, we are having
40C days!!! Not really hat weather, but knitter's love knitting whatever
the weather. lol
Cheers, Anita.