Monday, March 29, 2010

Love 'em or hate 'em socks

The socks in question are my green St. Paddy's day socks . I started these way back in February thinking that the early start would have them completed in time for March 17th . Wishful thinking . I can't put my finger on what it is that irks me so and makes knitting them a test of determination . The closest I can come to a reason for my dislike is the fit . I sometimes have issues on that score with patterns that have you cast on 64 stitches . They always seem on the loose side to me .They feel big and baggy around the ankles . I'm also having some issues with the yarn which is splitty , unusual for Regia . Modifying the number of stitches cast on would mean going down to 48 stitches making them too small even with an adjustment for needle size . Anyways finally have one done and will plug along on the second . My sock a month KAL has bitten the dust yet again .

Thankfully the other project on the needles is a joy to knit . The shawl is coming along very well . I'm halfway through the required repeats of chart B. The challenge will be at the end which has some new to me techniques . Should be interesting ...

Friday, March 19, 2010

A new shawl

The sock knitting mojo is still missing in action, but there is something new on my needles . Going through the yarn closet a skein of Hand Maiden Sea Silk fell out and cried "knit me, knit me, KNIT me " . Apparently four years hidden in the closet was more than this poor yarn could bear . A search of my Ravelry queue yielded the perfect pattern , Rosemary Hill's Brandywine shawl . The yarn was purchased in New Brunswick on a trip we took there about four years ago . I have no idea why it took me so long to get around to using it , it's so beautiful to work with . I've no intended recipient for this shawl so it might just go in the gift box . Or I might just keep it .

Yesterday was my day with Jessey . I had such a good day with him . He's growing up so fast , becoming quite a little character . I usually bring my camera when I have him , but seldom get to take any photos . He keeps me that busy . He loves to pretend cook and gets out a bunch of utensils and some pots and pans and has at it . Yesterday I did manage to get one or two photos , this was my favourite . Chef or future orchestra conductor ?
I'll continue to look for my sock knitting mojo and enjoying the good weather while it lasts . Have a good weekend !

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


If someone knows where my blogging and knitting mojo has gone , please tell it to come home . The knitting mojo has made an appearance from time to time just to tease me . Nothing of substance was accomplished except for these three dishcloths also known as Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth . I've been going through the yarn closet in the hopes of being motivated -nada , no inspiration whatsoever . Lots of yarn , lots of patterns but nothing to tickle the knitting fancy .
My week and a half of work at my former job went well . It made me realize how happy I am to be retired . Less money , but more enjoyment from life and definitely less stress . The most enjoyable aspect of being back was seeing all the former clients again .
The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous , no snow left to speak of and the grass is starting to show signs of life . Today's forecast high is + 14C , so very much warmer than normal . I plan on taking a walk along the river this afternoon . This morning when I went outside a small flock of Canada geese flew overhead , I couldn't believe my eyes and ears . At this rate we'll be cutting the lawn before we know it .
Hope you all have a good day and please keep an eye peeled for my errant knitting mojo . Mama wants her back ....