Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A finished object !

No I didn't fall off the face of the earth . I was just too busy to post . Add to that the fact that we actually had some summer like weather , which has all changed for this week . Rain , rain , and more rain for the next week .

These are the toe up socks that I started on June 1 st . I finally finished them yesterday , just in time to qualify for my various monthly KALs . After knitting these I've come to the conclusion that I'm more of a cuff down gal . That's not to say that I'll never knit another pair of toe ups , but it still seems to be the wrong way around for me . I learned a couple of new techniques , the Turkish cast on , Russian bind off and how to knit with 2 circulars . Knitting on the circs was actually the one thing that I really enjoyed . It didn't start out that way but I've started my July KAL socks on the circs. Go figure !

I've still got Isbel on hold . I just haven't been in the mood to tink back mohair /silk . Ive ordered some lacewight from the Loopy Ewe that looks like a better match colourwise for my dress for the wedding . Hoping it gets here soon as time is running short .

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My morning chuckle

I couldn't resist sharing this . It certainly brought a smile to my face. Mike retires in 3 1/2 weeks . Could this be a taste of things to come ;-) ?

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Summer Sampler

A summer Sampler
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A few photos from a glorious weekend ! Family brunch ,a bike ride along a local trail , ended up with Jessey dipping his toes into the lake. Even took a dip in the pool to cool off . Cold , but refreshing !
Doesn't get any better !

Friday, June 12, 2009


It seems like a week just zips by around here . One minute it's Monday and blink , it's Friday . Not that I lead such an eventful life , pretty ordinary actually, but the days are always full with one thing or another. Summer is slowly showing it's face , the temps are just a tiny bit warmer and the sun came out again today . Yippee !

There's not much knitting progress . I'm working on both Ishbel and the toe up socks in rotation . Ishbel is stalled right at the moment though . I'm having some trouble with the 2nd repeat of chart A , can't find my mistake , tinked it , knit it again , same thing , tinked again . So it's on hold till I'm clear minded enough to figure out what's wrong . Could be awhile ;-)) .

The socks are coming along swimmingly . I'm still ambivalent about the toe up process . Ditto for knitting on 2 circulars . The next challenge on these will be the bind off . Coming up soon , I'm further along than the photo shows .

Thanks to Monika sharing her tempting recipe for apricot cake I did some baking today . I sampled some with a cuppa tea , while it was still warm . Ohhhh, so good ! I just love apricots , fresh , dried , in a jam , in a cake , doesn't matter , they're my absolute favourite fruit ! I don't think the cake will last the weekend , between Mike and his sweet tooth and my love of apricots .

Anyway, off to have another cuppa and maybe knit outside for a bit , before I have to think about what's for supper . Apricot cake can be a meal , right ?

Have a good weekend !

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Relay for Life

The Relay for Life on Friday night was a great success . The community raised just short of $200,000. We were so very lucky that the nice weather held through the night . It could have been a touch warmer , but it was comfortable for walking .

This whole event is just so amazing , with families and friends coming together to show support for the victims of cancer . Mike & I lost our mothers to cancer . They both died way too early and left a big void in our lives . This photo is the first lap which only cancer survivors and those currently suffering with the disease walk alone ,then the rest of us fall in behind them . They receive a huge round of applause when they begin . This part always brings me to tears , just seeing the numbers walking this first lap .This is a photo of Jessy clapping along . He started spontaneously tap, tap, tapping along with us . Too funny !

I spent Saturday recovering . My hip joints and leg muscles were a bit the worse for wear , but by Sunday I was fine . Those suffering with cancer have a much more difficult walk ahead of them .

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sunny days & lace

See that ...blue sky ! It's been sunny for a couple of days but this morning it was nice enough to enjoy my tea outside and knit for little while. It promises to be just a gorgeous day . Let's hope it holds out for tonight because today is our annual Relay for Life cancer walk. This year the team raised $4000 . Not too shabby!

As for the knitting I've progressed to the interesting part of the project I showed last week . The first part was just stocking stitch , now I'm into the lace . I'm knitting Ishbel by Isolda Teague . I'm loving this knit so much. It had been intended for me to wear at Max's wedding . I'm not sure about the colour , it's proving difficult to find a match for my dress , so this could be going into the gift basket when I'm done knitting it. The yarn is Silken Kydd from Elann , it really is gorgeous and wonderful to knit with , light as air .

As for the socks , I'm just about at the increases for the gusset at the heel . So far so good . It's a first for me , knitting socks on two circulars instead if DPNs . I'm not sure if I really like it, but I'll persevere .

Wishing everyone a wonderfull weekend !

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A title escapes me , so ...

Is it really June already ? There's nothing really exciting going on , just the usual mundane day to day stuff . Still waiting for summer to arrive , hope it gets here before September .

We had a special event on Saturday morning . Max finally had his confirmation , only about 15 years overdue . The ceremony was held at Mary Queen of the World Cathedral in downtown Montreal . Casey was his sponsor . Did I ever mention how proud I am of my sons ? I'm so lucky to have them and I'm so happy to see close they are . Any way enough of that mushy stuff .

Afterwards we enjoyed a very good lunch at one of the downtown restos . We did take photos but unfortunately none are really blogworthy . Mike has a new camera and he's still trying to get the hang of it . It was just a great day , the sun actually came out so we could enjoy walking around downtown . I seldom seem to get there these days , what with parking and all , but I just love to wander around explore . This was Jessey's first excursion and he was good as gold . He was looking at everything and chattering away . He was just as happy as a clam .

Yesterday I cast on another pair of socks. I've been so wanting to learn how to knit socks from the toe up . After reading all the great reviews of this book I gave in to temptation and bought it on my last visit to Chapters . I joined the KAL on ravelry too . I may not follow the schedule in exactly that particular order , or I may just knit a few of the socks . Time will tell . Right now it feels strange to see these socks in progress the "wrong " way around .

Have to get going , I have a hairdressers appointment and then need to get groceries . Such fun !