Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This is a sample of what has kept me from blogging this month . Back to more regular posts next month .... hopefully !

Friday, June 3, 2011

Rounding out the week

Gah ! The weather gods are certainly toying with us this spring . After having warm, sunny days at the beginning of the week we've come back to SSDD (Same S**t Different Day / Still Soggy Different Day). Rain , with the addition of gale force winds . I thought that we'd lose the gazebo and the BBQ yesterday . Today it's sunny , still windy , and cool enough to wear socks and a sweater when I go for my walk . I shouldn't complain because at least we haven't been flooded out for 40 days like the people living near St-Jean-sur -Richelieu . I don't remember ever having floods that lasted that long . They've asked for volunteers to go help with the clean up over the next two weekends . A good turn out is expected .

During last month's blog silence there was knitting happening here . I have two pairs of socks for the Warm Hands Network completed with one pair almost done . The first ones are these bright red socks . I stole/borrowed the idea for the multi-coloured cuff from Lynn of mindingmyownstitches . She had knit a pair using up some remnants from a previous knit and a single from her stash . What I particularly like about her socks was the stripe at the toe . Thanks Lynn for a great idea , hope you don't mind that I borrowed it .

The second ones are just a simple garter rib pattern with some yarn gifted to me by my dad that's been in the stash for awhile .It's called Anna Belle College . It was very nice to work with . I really like the colourway , that orange stripe particularly pleases me . I think that's the last of that brand that I have . I'll have to ask Dad to bring me some more on his next visit . That's why the sock yarn stash doesn't go down , it's all my father's fault !

Anyway , that's it for today , the rest can wait for another day . Have a wonderful weekend !

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Priceless !

Casey and Chantal had family portraits taken a few weeks ago . The photographer did a wonderful job , but to me this photo of Stella is just too cute . It's sure to put a smile on your face , not being biased or anything ....

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A new month

Thank heavens ! Maybe the month of June will be better than May . It was a month of literally never ending rain , cool temperatures , and grey depressing days .It just got me so down ! We did manage to get the vegetable garden planted in between rain drops and get some of the yard work completed . I've just been itching to get outside and enjoy some sun . We need it after our long winter .

Aside from the crappy weather we had a scare with two month old Stella having to be hospitalized because of a high fever . They did a battery of tests , including a spinal tap to rule out meningitis , but they didn't show anything conclusive . After a series of antibiotics the fever came down . She's been home for a couple of days and seems to be fine .

I was able to finish my shawl in time for our trip to Maine for Sarah's wedding in mid May . It turned out just the way I'd hoped . The photo doesn't really show the true colours , they're much deeper and richer . I love the gentle curve , it drapes beautifully over your shoulders . The yarn was Regia Lace . It was a surprise find at my LYS . It was a very nice yarn to work with and had a generous 600 metres per 100g ball . Unfortunately I don't have any model shots of me wearing it , but it was absolutely perfect with my dress . Don't you love it when that happens !

There is more knitting to show you , some completed , some in progress , but I'll leave that for another day . Right now game one of the Stanley Cup final series is on and I can't miss that . Go Canucks !!!!