Tuesday, February 21, 2017

In and Out

2017 has been crazy busy around here , I am surprised at the amount of knitting that I have accomplished so far . We started kitchen renovations at the beginning of January and we are just about done . I only have to unpack a few more boxes and hang the last of the pictures and such then we will finally be DONE .

I am bound and determined to knit primarily from stash this year . So far I have done pretty well. There has been one exception , I fell off the wagon last week and purchased some gorgeous yarn from an indie dyer ,  Long Dog Yarns in the colourway Pop . So far this year I have completed three pairs of socks , a pair of mittens , an almost finished pair of mittens and a small scarf , all knit from stash and only one skein added ,  that 's not bad I think .

I did finish The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief . It isn't quite as large as I'd hoped but I can wear it tied around my neck . I am pretty happy , I used every last inch of yarn !

 Then I finished these very bright socks knit from some yarn that my dad brought on his last visit here. I will think of my father whenever I wear them , bittersweet memories .

That's about it for today . It's been a quiet day with the usual mundane chores , laundry etc . It has been very spring like lately with much warmer than normal temperatures . The birds are chirping and I have even spotted some robins and mourning doves in the neighbourhood  when Zoe and I head out for our walks . Till next time , have a good week !

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Hi , this has been the kind of day where you just want to hunker down, enjoy a cup of tea and pick up your knitting . It's kind of cold and windy with snow , ice pellets and the freezing rain forecast for later this afternoon . I went out to do some errands , then came home and shovelled the light dusting of snow in the driveway and walkway . I decided to make some pea soup before I did actually sit down with the aforementioned cup of tea and knitting .

I've got three WIPs sitting on my coffee table in various stages of completion . The one that I will be picking up after this post is the Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief . It is very close to being done I think  , with one more stockinette section before the final eyelet section and cast off . The yarn is leftover from the Hitchhiker shawl that I had knit last year .

Then there are my plain vanilla socks which I am knitting on 9 inch circulars . I bought the needles on a whim  and find that vanilla socks just fly with these . I have difficulty purling with them , that would be the downside , but otherwise enjoy using them. Next up ...
 are the Woodstack mittens from this amazing book  entitled Within . I just love every single pattern in it . Yeah that's right all I need to finish these is to do the thumbs . They have been at this stage for over a week , but I will get them done this week !

That's it for today , on to my knitting  , till next time ...