Friday, September 13, 2013

She's here !

After keeping us guessing Charlie Shea arrived two days before my Dad .  When she decided that she was ready she wasted no time in getting here . Mom and dad barely had gotten to the hospital and there she was , 8lbs  8oz  of cuteness .  Her nanny MaryAnn and I were there to hear her first cries , a special moment for both of us .

Mason meets his sister

 He wasn't quite sure what to make of her , but was intrigued and concerned when he heard her cry . He kept telling her " It's okay, it's alright " ! So cute !

Snug as a bug at home

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Let the crazies begin !

September has always been a  busy month in this house what with three birthdays all falling within nine days of each other . Add to that my father's annual visit and there's a recipe for crazy that usually leaves me done in by the end of October . This year there's an expected fourth grandchild , due any minute now judging from the size of Stef's baby belly , which will add a little more busy to this month . I can't wait to meet this little one and have been knitting up a storm . Here's the last two finished knits ...

I didn't have enough of the madelinetosh pashmina left after knitting the baby Tea Leaves cardigan to knit a matching  hat . I knit a cream coloured hat and then used a few yards of the pashmina to knit the flower accent . As for the blankie , I fell in love with the pattern  as soon as I saw it on ravelry . It was a fun and easy knit . Mason had two similar blankies that were well used and loved , hoping that Charlie will like hers as much as he did his.

My Dad arrives on Thursday , which is also Stef's due date . We're all speculating on who will arrive first ...