Thursday, April 30, 2009

That's it for April !

Mission accomplished ! Sweater #2 is on it's way to baby Marek . Monika is choosing the buttons and sewing them on . I'll post another pic when I get it back for a photo shoot . I'm happy with it overall .

I finished the April No Rainy Days socks for SAM. There was a knot in one ball of the Regia yarn , so they don't quite match . Normally this would bother me , but I'm going with the flow with these . I love them anyways and the colours make me happy !

More good news , I found a dress for Max's wedding ! In my size , no alterations needed except for possibly the length , it's a miracle ! Now for shoes ....

Friday, April 24, 2009

This and that

Whew , another week has already gone by ! I've been babysitting Jessey this week while Chantal prepares for a dance show going on this weekend . She stopped teaching this year because of Jessey , but still helps out with the shows . I had so much fun with the little guy this week , the time just flew by . I enjoyed the one on one time , getting to know him . It never ceases to amaze me how quickly they change at this age . I forgot to bring the camera so no photos , too busy anyways , he kept me hopping :0 .

The knitting time has been infrequent this week , but steady progress is being made on sweater #2 . I'm knitting the raglan decreases and have almost reached the neck decreases . I'm trying to do this when I'm not tired . I don't want a repeat of all the frustration and ripping out of the first one . I've finished one sock though . It's the easy peasy garter rib pattern , which seems to be my go to pattern when I don't want to concentrate . I was cleaning out my knitting corner and found another sock on the needles . I think it's been there for at least a year or more . May socks already decided !

This last pic is of Bingo . He has this unexplainable really bizarre reaction to Mike whenever he manages to get home for lunch . He shakes and shivers like a leaf as soon he hears him pull up and park in the driveway and then goes to look for a place to hide . This only happens at lunchtime ; he's completely fine when he gets home in the evening . And only with Mike , which completely baffles me as he's never shouted at him or mistreated him in any way , ever . Here he is in his hiding place underneath the throw on the couch on the family room .He'll stay there till Mike leaves . He's 12 so I'm guessing that this is somehow age related . It started happening from time to time about 2 years ago , but now happens whenever Mike comes home at lunch during the week . I mentioned it at the vets and they are as puzzled as we are . I don't know what to think , he's as sharp as can be in every other way , just this weird crazy lunchtime behaviour .

Looking forward to some nice weather tomorrow , too bad I have to to continue the search for a bleepity, bleep dress for the wedding . I really hate clothes shopping , nothing ever fits properly or it costs the earth . Last weekend we ventured down to the garment district in Montreal where a lot of the manufacturers are open on Saturday mornings . They have better prices than the retail shops ; the problem is that their sample sizes are anywhere from a 2 to an 8 . Now I'm nowhere near that . Actually most mothers of the bride or groom are nowhere near that . Would it kill them to have some choice nearer the size of the average woman ? We also went to a shop that is well known for their reasonable prices on evening wear . The salesperson asked me my size and showed me what was available . Well , when I came to try on a couple of dresses I couldn't even get them over my bust . Now , I'm not that amply endowed and everyday clothes in my size fit . I ended up trying on dresses that are at least 3 sizes bigger which then needed altering on the bust or shoulders just to fit my waist . I think there's something wrong there . I wonder how the fashion industry sizes their clothes ?

Dress shopping shouldn't be this hard , frustrating and humiliating .In case you're wondering I'm a size 16 and I have a shape. I know I could and should lose a couple of pounds but geez louise make it a bit easier on the average middle-aged mom of the groom to dress up for her son's wedding . We come in all shapes and sizes .

Rant over , so more of the same tomorrow . Heading over to St Hubert street which is bridal shop alley in Montreal . Wish me luck , something tells me I'm going to need it...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday already ...

... not complaining , mind you . I 'm always happy to see the weekend . This has been a busy week . I had a couple of doctor's appointments , hairdresser appointment ( that always takes most of the morning) , had lunch out and babysat Jessey one afternoon . We've had beautiful weather , a little on the cool side , but fine for enjoying the outdoors.

I've just realized that this month marks the second anniversary of my blogging experiment . This has been such an enriching experience . I've "met" other knitters , albeit only virtually , learned so much more about the craft , been introduced to a myriad of fibers and yarns , and discovered online knit shops where I can indulge my obsession from time to time , joined Ravelry which is such a huge resource. I thank everyone who's stopped by and commented . I feel like you've become friends and always appreciate your feedback . That's what keeps me continuing on with this experiment .

Well that being said , you might be wondering what's up with the knitting . I'm still at it with sweater #2 , hoping to have it completed by early next week . Slap me , but I've cast on for a pair of socks . I HAD to to , because I'm in the SAM knitalong and I really don't want to fall behind . That's my story and I'm sticking to it .

Hope you have a great weekend . Wish me luck , I'm going dress shopping again ....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Coming up for air

Lately knitting has taken over my life . I've been knitting away like crazy and all I have to show for it is this ...

Yup , just this sweater . It's still without buttons because Chantal wants to choose them . As for the matching pants , they are now history . I'd got down to the division for the legs when we had Jessey try them on . Mom wasn't happy with them and decided to forget about having matching knit pants . She's looking to purchase something more to her taste. Suits me because having to knit two of these sets in such a short time was wreaking havoc with my love of knitting . Lesson learned . Currently working on sweater #2 . I made some modifications to the pattern as written so #2 should be off the needles much sooner .

I took a little break last weekend to go shopping . I haven't done that in ages . I'm starting the search for an outfit for Max and Stef's wedding . So many of the dresses for these occasions have all kinds of glitz and glitter , so not my style ! And the prices give me sticker shock . Oh well still have a few months before the big day . Men have it so easy , rent a tux and you're done .

The kids were over for brunch on Saturday , because of other obligations for Easter Sunday . I made them each an Easter basket and off course had to get something extra for Jessey . Here he is enjoying his gift from Omi and Grandpa . He 's 6 months old now and teething , so everything goes in his mouth . We bought an exersaucer thingy which we'll keep here so that he'll have it when he's over . He jumps like crazy when he's in it ; makes me laugh .
Anyway back to the sweatshop and sweater #2 .