Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On a roll

Not only am I finding some time to post but I also have knits to show . The scarf from the previous post is done , a big YIPPEE for that one . The pattern is called the Little Bobble Scarf by Meg Roke . This is just too cute for words . It was gifted at Christmas , but Chantal wanted it longer so she gave it back to me to add on some inches . I'd made it 26 " long originally , have added another 8 " . I'm glad it's done so that Stella can still get some use out of it . I don't know why it took me so long to get it done .

Next up are another pair of socks for Jessey . He's learning to skate now and these would be perfect to wear inside skates . They're a little warmer than regular socks . They 're just plain vanilla stocking stitch . I 'm so happy with the colours and the stripes . I'm guessing that I even have enough yarn to do another pair if I do contrasting cuff, heel and toes .

I spent a little time today updating my ravelry page and knitting the sock from my last post . It feels so good to be getting back into the groove .

Friday, February 17, 2012

While I was away

Today I have a rare day to myself ! Mason is at daycare today because another child is absent , the laundry  is done , the kitchen is clean , the vacuuming needs to be done again , thanks to all the critters that live with us , but that job has been assigned to Mike . So aside from making dinner tonight I can play for the rest of the day .  Don't know what I'm going to do with myself , NOT !

First up for sure , are these socks in progress . These were cast on last week during the drive down get to Stowe Vermont for a much needed getaway weekend . The timing was perfect , I've been trying to get over the second cold in just over a month and really needed a couple of days away . We had planned to bring our skis but I was just not up to doing any cross country skiing , especially in Stowe where the trails have a lot of up and down sections . Truth be told I just wanted to sleep which was what I did for most of Friday , not very exciting for Mike . Got up on Saturday feeling at least a little rested and had a really nice day exploring Stowe , eating at some fabulous restaurants ,  did a bit of reading , knit some more on the sock and just plain relaxed . More of the same on Sunday and by the time we had to drive back home on Sunday afternoon I was feeling so much better .

Back to the socks , the pattern is Rosamond by Kate Blackburn . It is an easy to remember lace pattern and the finished socks are just so nice . The yarn I have mixed feeling about . I love the colours but the yarn is a tad splitty and there's definitely a  fuzzy little halo to it . It's also a little on the thin side which doesn't auger well for durability . I have one other skein in the stash and will probably knit a shawl for the next go around with it .

Also on the agenda is  reading that huge 608 page book , the latest offering by Elizabeth George .You can't tell the size from the photo but it  weighs in at 3pounds , I know because I weighed it . This is definitely not for reading in bed or while soaking in the tub . I've been a fan of Elizabeth George and her Inspector Lynley series ever since her first book was published , but in my opinion this is not one of her best . It is interesting , it's kept me reading through the first 400 pages , but it really is more of a character study than a mystery novel . Which is all well and good but it could stand to have a bit more of a plot . I'm beginning to think that she should retire the series and perhaps focus on something new . I will definitely finish it after having invested so much time in reading it so far . Maybe the last 200 plus pages will surprise me .

Next up I just have to finish a scarf for Stella that has been sitting on the needles for way too long . At this rate the winter will be over before she gets it . I'm ashamed to say that all the remains are a few rows of bobble stitch and then the cast off . Today's the day come hell or high water !

Till next time whenever that may be , have a wonderful weekend !