Friday, January 27, 2012

Alaska comes back

to where he first called home . Long story , but a happy one for us , Max brought Alaska to stay with us . Since Stef has gone back to work they were both finding it difficult to give enough attention to the dogs . Max decided that Alaska would be happier back with us . Mike and I both missed Bingo and since Alaska came here as a pup and knows us , it has worked out well all around .

Monday, January 23, 2012

A new year , a fresh start

The last months of 2011 saw some changes in my life, hence the blog silence . Just when I  thought that life was going to settle down somewhat , I started baby sitting our little grandson , Mason , when his mom went back to work , after her maternity leave . I'd forgotten just how much energy it takes to look after a lively one year old . I'm up at 5:30 am every day to be over at Max's  before 6:30 . Stef leaves  very early for her commute to work . I'll be having him full time , 5 days a week , until sometime in June when he should have a permanent daycare spot . Even then I'll be the one bringing him to daycare , otherwise he'd have to get up super early and it would mean a very long day for him . The bonus for me and what makes it all worthwhile is his happy smile when he sees me in the morning . Priceless ! But I will say that I have now started taking a short nap when Mason goes down for his afternoon nap . I have never  , ever , been a person who naps .

Aside from that , I've also been spending Wednesday afternoons with Stella while Chantal teaches a dance class . She has got to be the easiest , happiest baby ever . I'm also trying to get some one on one time with Jessey whenever possible .I don't want him to feel left out . Needless to say , they've all kept me hopping ...

As per usual I got my annual Christmas cold right in time for the holidays , my birthday and New  Years eve . I spent the better part of that week in bed , feeling absolutely horrible . Thankfully it only lasted a week .

There hasn't been too much time for knitting lately , but all of my intended Christmas knitting was done in time .I'm hoping that I'll be able to update my ravelry page in the next week or two with the finished knits . There are two works in progress , I guess I should say slow progress . This is the first sock for 2012 , almost done . I'm going to try and keep up with the sock a month KAL . The other knit is a hat which I'd intended to be for me , but it looks like it might be a tad too small . One for the gift box !

In the last while I've contemplated discontinuing this blog . I can't say how often I'll update and how much time I'll have to read and comment on other blogs . I've missed that more than you can imagine . In the meantime I'll keep going a little longer and see how it goes ...

Have a good week !