Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A good week

It feels like forever since I've been able to say that .After waiting for a while I got to see an ob/gyn and she's sending me for a pelvic ultrasound  . I've got an appointment for that on Saturday Dec. 1st . Going the private clinic route for that because the wait in the public system is a long one . We have insurance so we might as well use it . At least it's put my mind at ease that things are moving . Now I just need to be patient for the results .

Simple Textured blanket and a Peacock hat
Things are almost back to normal with my back . Naproxyn is amazing , it worked wonders ! I put my week off  , so to speak , to good use and finished up one project that had been in hibernation in the UFO pile and Jessey's blanket . I love this hat ! It was intended to be a ski hat for me , but about half way through the knitting I realized it was going to be too small . So into the UFO pile it went . It was a shame to leave it for so long , but I finished it this weekend and found a recipient . It fits my DIL Stefanie perfectly and it matches one of her jackets . One down ! I have  yarn in my stash to knit another one for me .

Whats on my needles now are my self-striping picot edge socks from the last post . I'm almost done with the first one , but then I got distracted again with this . A hat for Jessey , who is very much into pirates at the moment . I found the pattern on ravelry but am modifying it to fit a 4 year old . I had so much fun doing the braid on my Peacock hat that I've incorporated the technique into this one . As for Mason's sweater , don't ask ...

Thanks for stopping by , have a wonderful day !

Monday, November 12, 2012

Knitting , yarn and a new dessert

My back has been acting up again lately which means that I have had lots more time to knit . I've finished a little vest for Stella and am just about 3/4 of the way through with a blanket for Jessey . I'd promised him one last winter , bought the yarn and then it kind of got lost in all the projects on the needles . Well , though we've had an nice fall , winter can't be too far off so it is in progress now . The vest for Stella just need buttons and then she'll have her show and tell . Don't ask about Mason's sweater ... I guess I'm waiting for the deadline of Dec .
8th  (his birthday ) before I get cracking on seaming it together .

There's a new pair of socks on the go right now too . I was browsing online shops and came across some absolutely gorgeous yarn that I  HAD to have ,  to heck with the yarn diet . It was at Wandering Cat Yarns etsy shop . It was a simply fabulous grey/pink self-striping colourway called Steel Magnolias. Those  are my favourite colours lately . That colourway is all sold out but Valerie's got lots more beautiful yarns where that came from , so go look her up . The yarn arrived and I just had to cast on  . the picture doesn't do it justice , it's a much deeper pink , almost wine . I love it !

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day , mild and sunny , not like our typical gray November days . Despite the back pain I decided a walk , sunshine and fresh air would do me a world of good . After I came back , I felt like doing a little baking . I'd come across this yummy recipe for a crustless cranberry pie recently .  I modified the recipe slightly , as per other peoples recommendatios , using only a 1/4 tsp of almond extract and adding 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract . I also used sliced almonds instead of walnuts because that's what I had on hand . It's such a quick and easy recipe and the finished dessert is delcious ! Mike couldn't wait for it to cool down and had a piece almost straight from the oven . A big hit and one recipe I'll definitely do again .

That's it for me for today . Have a good day and a good week ...