Sunday, May 19, 2013

Of pink socks and posies

baby socks 

We're having a very quiet weekend as both the boys are away with their families so Omi didn't do brunch today . Instead we met up with Shirley and her husband Denis which made a nice beginning to the day .

 Came home to do a little tidying up and then picked my needles to continue working on these little socks . This yarn found me at my LYS the other day and I just couldn't resist casting on right away . I wish I had picked up other colourways  , they are just so much fun to knit , almost instant gratification . I'm going through my sock yarn remnants to knit more . A baby can't have too many socks ...

Spring surprise
Surprise bouquet
I have a few of these pretty little posies growing in the cracks between some of the patio stones . I just love them . We let them grow and they reseed themselves .

Hope you have a peaceful weekend too !

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Today (for lack of a better title )

Let me start off this post by thanking  all of you gentle readers who gave me your support and kind words on Alaska's passing . It touched both Mike and I very much that you took the time to offer words of comfort . Thank you for the virtual hugs, they were much appreciated .

Just to catch up , Mike and I had a wonderful time on our recent trip to Florida .The month just flew by , we loved our condo,, the beach just steps away . The weather was mostly gorgeous with a few rainy days thrown in . If you asked me what we did I'd just say RELAX  . We visited Mike's sister who lives in Port St. Lucie , met up with friends who were also in Cocoa Beach at the same time as we were . Most special of all was that I got to meet an online friend Dee of Tangled Up in Sticks and String . She drove in from Orlando to meet me, we spent a wonderful few hours chatting , shopping for yarn and just getting to know each other . She is just the best , every bit as nice as you'd think from her blog . She's also very generous , she gifted me with some wonderful handmade soap that she'd bought at the alpaca farm she'd visited recently . She also put in one of her beautiful cross stitch bookmarks and one of her washcloths that I'd admired on her blog . The Internet can be amazing , bringing together a couple of knitters from different countries . Thanks Dee for that visit , and I look forward to meeting again next year ...

seamless yoked baby sweater

This week has been a little up and down  . I came down with a cold which knocked me down but not out for most of this week . Despite my head feeling stuffed , blowing my nose and just generally feeling awful , I worked on my baby cardi that I'd started while we were in Florida . We found out in April that Max and Stef are expecting a baby girl in September . We're having another grand daughter !! I had brought along the Surprise blanket as my travel project , but had prepared another 'in case' project so I was able to cast on a matching sweater after we'd got the news .  I finished today . I love this little sweater and will knit a hat and some bootees to complete the set . I so love having another little one to knit for !

So that's it for today . We have a long weekend here and finally we're having a little nice weather . Just in time to plant the annuals and start the vegetable garden . Mike has been out there doing the planting and later he cut the grass . I was hard at work sewing buttons on a baby sweater and choosing my next project . Some days it's tough to be me .

Thursday, May 9, 2013

RIP Alaska June 30 , 2003 - May 9 . 2013

My constant companion Alaska passed away suddenly this morning . We're not sure what happened as he was fine when we let him out as usual . A short time later Mike went outside and found him barely breathing , he died just after that . We suspect that he had a heart attack .

We have so many fond memories of him . He came into our lives after Max moved back home from Calgary . Max found him when he was doing deliveries for a small company . It was love at first sight . He brought him home and he just fit right in with Bingo and our cats . Bingo was quite happy to have another canine in the house . He was just a puppy then about the size of our cat Hey You . We have video of all three of them playing in the snow together . Alaska just loved snow and the winter time . He didn't much like summer , it was too hot and he'd always try and find the coolest , shadiest place in the yard . He loved being outdoors except when there was a thunderstorm .Then he was just a big chicken and try to find someplace to hide . We could never figure out why , as Bingo couldn't care less , but Alaska would be a shaking , trembling mess . He loved his walks and would sit in front of the door to remind us when he was due for one .

He was gentle with the little ones . Jessey had a fear of dogs and was a little worried when he learned that Alaska was coming to stay with us again . Alaska , with his quiet approach and gentle behaviour soon won him over . The same happened  with my friend Shirley . She's had a lifelong fear of dogs but she would be quite at ease with Alaska .

He was always happy to see us , he followed us all the time . He was just the best companion . All of us will miss him so much , we'll never forget him and all the happiness he brought into our lives. He was a beautiful boy ...