Monday, August 29, 2011

Stella's christening

This was a special weekend for Stella . She was  christened yesterday afternoon and there was a big party afterwards to celebrate the fact . She looked just adorable in her dress , which her mom had also worn for her own baptism , and the little hat that I'd crocheted for her .The church was filled with  family and friends  but she's such calm and happy baby that not even all the noise and someone pouring water on her head made her cry .  Jessey could hardly wait for the whole thing to be over  so that he could go play with his cousins and all of his friends . This actually was the only photo that I  managed to get of him all day . He wasn't still for a moment .

The party was originally going to be held outdoors at Chantals' parents home , but the torrential rains and heavy winds that blew in with the remnants of Irene put paid to that . The party was moved inside . We were a little cramped but that didn't matter . There was lots of food , it was a happy occasion , so not even the weather could dampen our spirits . But then I wasn't one of these guys who had to be outside to  barbecue the supper .

I was warm and dry inside getting hugs and kisses from this little sweetie ....

and this handsome fella !

Monday, August 22, 2011

In tribute to Jack Layton

It's  unusual for me to express my political beliefs on this blog  . I believe that those are best expressed   in the voting booth at election time . This is the exception because of the death of Jack Layton , leader of the NDP ( New Democratic Party) and leader of the official opposition , who lost his battle with cancer today .

As a federalist in Quebec , it's been a  struggle to vote , to find a politician who best represented my belief in a strong and united Canada . For more than a decade my MP was a member of the Bloc Quebecois which believes in Quebec becoming a sovereign nation . That changed with the  spring election in which  the 'orange crush ' , referring to the NDP  colours  ,  hit Quebec and to a lesser extent other parts of Canada . The surge of the NDP can largely be attributed to the popularity of Jack Layton as a politician . With his leadership the NDP won 59 of 75 seats in the province and more or less demolished the Bloc Quebecois as a party . I'm not so naive as to believe that the sovereignty movement is dead in this province  ,but I had hoped that with NDP having more of a voice in Ottawa , as opposed to a being a peripheral party , and representing what I think are the core values and hopes of Canadians we might put that notion to rest once and for all .

In Quebec Jack Layton won over voters in record numbers because he spoke to the concerns of everyday people in tough economic times . He talked about health care , education ,  jobs ,the environment , poverty and improving the lives of those less fortunate .He showed courage in his personal battle with cancer and optimism for the future . Never giving up and always with a smile and words of encouragement for those who faced similar battles . He touched many of us with his honesty and talked of working together for a better future and a better Canada.

 I think he was a good man , no doubt with flaws , but Canada lost someone who really could have moved us forward to that better future . I'm so very sad to think that he won't be here to enjoy the success that his party achieved with his leadership . In his own words from letter released by his family  today ....

"My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world ."

Jack Layton 1950 -2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Stella's blanket

I'm late to Tami's FO Friday party , but I thought that I'd show you anyway . The blanket for my grand daughter is completely finished and ready for her baptism next week . The pattern is Evelyn Clark's Old Shale crochet baby blanket . It really was quite easy , even for my somewhat rusty crochet skills , but gave me fits at the beginning . I was always one stitch off by the end of the row . Consequently I did more ripping than crocheting . After a short time out , all was well . The yarn is Berroco Comfort DK , a very nice quality nylon and acrylic yarn . I would have preferred wool , but I wasn't the decider , as they say . I'm pretty happy with though , it's soft and should wear well .

For more Finished objects head on over to Tami's blog  . Have a good weekend !

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WIP Wednesday Aug 17

Wow,it's time for another WIP Wednesday already ! We've been so busy with family , friends and grand kids that the week has just flown by . Plus , we've had spectacularly nice summer weather , so there's not much temptation to do fibery things . That being said , I've made progress on all of last weeks wips . The crochet blanket is finished except for weaving in the ends  . Yay , I'll actually have a FO for Friday ! The little  red cardi has the back and only one of the front pieces left to do , then it's on to the sleeves . As for Stella's cardi , I'm still wavering on the buttons . I haven't been able to find any buttons that just scream ' perfect ' to me , so I'll have to start looking further afield . Who'd of thought finding buttons would be such a challenge ? Last but not least , I'm at the gusset decreases of sock # 1.

That's it in a nutshell . To see who's joined  Tami's WIP Wednesday and what they're working on click here . Have a great day !

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIP Wednesday Aug 10

I'm joining Tami 's WIP Wednesday once again this week . As per usual there's something new in progress because I just can't seem to resist starting yet another project .I'm happy to report that the old shale crochet baby blanket is out of it's time out and back on track . No photos this week because it looks the same only bigger . As for Stella's cardigan it's still the same as last week . I'm rethinking the button choice . It needs  to be done for the end of the month , so I still have a bit of time . Why do I always second guess myself !?

The other evening I started a another baby cardigan . Little Eli is due to arrive on Aug 21 and will surely need a sweater to keep him warm this fall. I've decided to knit the 6 to 12 month size in the hopes that he'll get more wear out of it. Newborns outgrow their clothes so fast .

As always , there are socks on the needles . This will be another pair for the Warm Hands Network . I'm doing more stash busting with this yarn but I still have way too much sock yarn  for my liking . I can't knit fast enough and I'm easily distracted !

 Why is it that when you request books at the library they all come in the same week ? I"m reading Shanghai Girls from where I left off a couple of weeks ago because a book that I really wanted to read came in . Now I'm rushing through that to read the sequel Dreams of Joy . Naturally  another book that I've requested has come in . If I don't get it now heaven knows when it will be available again . So much to read and knit and so little time . Cooking , cleaning and sleeping are overrated , right ?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WIP Wednesday

This little cardigan has been in progress for way too long . It 's intended for my little granddaughter Stella . It's still too warm here to wear it now, but September is just around the corner . I'm knitting the 6 to 12 month size , she's a plump 4 months old , but in hindsight I wish that I'd chosen to knit it one size larger .  I've the left button band and the seaming left to do , then all the weaving in of the gazillion ends . The cardie has been a challenge , due in most part to the  construction . The raglan sleeves and body had to be seamed in order for me to pick up the stitches for the yoke . I'm picky and find that the yoke is not as neat as I'd like . I'm hoping that a wash and dry will take care of that .

For more WIP Wednesday posts visit Tami's Amis here . It's her blog anniversary and her one year anniversary for WIP Wednesday . Congratulations Tami !