Thursday, October 27, 2011

Back to normal

All 's quiet in the house since my father left last Tuesday . It was a bittersweet departure , on the one hand I'm happy for some peace and quiet but on the other he's getting older and who knows how for much longer he'll be to come . This trip was made more special because of his three great- grandchildren . He was tickled to see the change in Jessey and to meet Mason and Stella . It was his decision to move back to Austria after my mother died but despite all of his connections there , his family is here . I think some part of him regrets that decision , but you really can't change some things , not at his age anyway . As for visiting him , trips like that are expensive and unfortunately all of us aren't in a position to go . The boys both have young families and Mike and a I are on a pension , so we make the best of it while he's here ...

I discovered the niftiest gadget ever while my Dad was here . When he's here my father always seeks out those little edibles that are particular to Canada  which they don't have in Austria . One thing he's particularly fond of are the prepackaged , god- knows -how- long- they've- been- on- the -shelf  May West dessert cakes .  One day while we were out getting the groceries he had me add a big box of 12 to my cart . No sooner did we get home , like a kid in a candy store , he had his tea and polished off four cakes at one sitting . Anyone else would have keeled over from too much sugar , but he's as healthy as can be and thoroughly enjoyed them .

Back to the gadget , the other thing my father really likes are apple pies , especially home made ones . My friend Shirley came across this handy dandy apple peeler at Walmart , bought it , tried it, and raved about it . She convinced me to buy one , easily done ,  I'm not a fan of peeling apples . I've baked more than my share of pies and apple strudels to appreciate anything that speeds up the process . I used it when I baked a bunch of pies during the  last week that he was here , it is totally amazing ! Dad , after seeing it in action , promptly went out and bought two to bring home as gifts . Apparently he gave a demonstration on how to use it when he got home and everyone is as taken with it as we were . I see a business opportunity there for Starfrit . Maybe  I should let them know  ;-)  ....

Back to knitting next time , there are some things to show , believe it or not .  In the meantime have a good day !

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hanging in ...

There's been a lot going on in my life over the last month or so , most of it good and then some not so good . My most heartfelt thanks  for all of the kind comments  that were sent after my last post about Bingo's passing . It was so very much appreciated ! The tears have lessened and I'll cherish the happy memories .

My father arrived from Austria in mid September  for a six week visit . He usually comes every year but missed last year due to health issues , not his own , but his wife's . There have been two new additions to the family since his last visit 2 years go ,  Jessey is a real little boy now , no longer the baby that my father remembers . So there has been  a lot of catching up . We've also celebrated 4 birthdays since he arrived and had more birthday cake than is good for the waistline . Not to mention Thanksgiving and turkey with all the trimmings last week . Suffice to say , I'm all tuckered out and will not be cooking or entertaining for at least a week after my Dad leaves on the 25th ...not so much as a toast , if I can help it .

Knitting wise , not much going on . I've kind of lost the mojo . I did finish the boring grey socks for Mike and have got halfway through another less boring second pair .  I 've been experimenting with crocheting a granny square blanket for a doll , intended as a Christmas gift for Stella , then making a matching blankie for her . I'm hoping that  motivation will strike once things are a little less crazy.

The rest of my Dad's stay promises to be just as crazy as the last month has been . There's just no rest for the wicked !  I shouldn't complain too much because I'll probably miss all the hustle and bustle.  Catch you later !

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bingo , a little dog

with a big heart passed away suddenly on Sunday morning . He was my buddy and constant companion . He suffered a series of  seizures and was in terrible pain . I called the emergency number at our vets office and was directed to an animal hospital that was open 24 /7 .  He was so very weak and didn't seem to know us and what was going on . The preliminary diagnosis was some kind of neurological problem , most likely a tumour . It would require a whole battery of tests , and likely with not a very good outcome when all was said and done . After a lot of tears I made the decision that the kindest thing would be to let him go . I think that given his age and how badly he was suffering, it was the right thing , but I 'm still having a difficult time dealing with it .

He was truly a great little guy. He was my one and only dog . He came to us fourteen years ago , quite by accident . He was originally supposed to be Mike's moms dog , but she physically wasn't able to take care of him . He ended up with us , the best decision I ever made ! He was  just a tiny little puppy when he came to us in November of 1997 . He quickly made friends with our cat and wound his way into our hearts with his good nature and spunky attitude . He loved his walks , but especially when it snowed . He always walked with his tail up like a flag . He was always with me , followed me everywhere  .I'm lucky to have had him for so many years but I'm heartbroken and miss him so very much....